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Chapter 13 Confirmed Bachelors
Words Count: 1532    |    Released on:09/01/2022

He had plans. When he’d left the hospital he’d had grand plans for how he was going to welcome Jack home. There would be a hot bath, favorite foods, a turned down bed, warm massage oil, and he’d kneel before his angel and do things with his mouth that his red headed virgin would never forget. They had been grand plans.

By the time he climbed the stairs to their shared one room flat his energy had gone. Doubt had set in. He wasn’t worth Jack’s time. In four days of secretly stalking Jack at the hospital he’d learned so much about the man he wanted to be his lover.

He’d learned that Jack was selfless and kind, brave and diligent. The doctors he’d known from Alfred’s estate had been vain and very interested in pleasure. He’d also learned about Jack’s family and the shame he’d felt from wanting to murder Jack’s father clouded over his emotions now.

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