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Chapter 8 A Little Faith, A Little Betrayal
Words Count: 1495    |    Released on:31/12/2021

The ride they got was not in Alfred’s fancy car. That was for when he was pleased with people. It was an old fashioned carriage that could have passed as a hearse that they were given a ride in. Perhaps in a bit of shock, they just sat in the carriage, staring forward.

After a bit, Gael banged the back of his head against the wall behind his head and groaned. “I need a drink.”

“I can make you some calming tea when we get home.”

“Home,” Gael said wistfully. “I don’t have a home. If I go back home, my mother will murder me for screwing up what Alfred pays her.”

It was too dark inside the carriage for anyone to see how Jack’s face paled.

“You have a home. You’ll live with me.”

“I’m responsible for the little kids. I can’t let my mom turn Kate-Marie out. I need to protect them.”

“I’ll help you,” Jack said while holding his hand out to Gael. “It wasn’t a legal marriage, but I meant it in my heart.”

“You don’t even know me, Jack. I don’t believe in God the way you do. Just to be clear, I’m a whore, a pickpocket, and I’ve hurt some men really badly. You need to keep in mind that Alfred will never be out of our lives. He owns me, Jack. Owns me. He will never leave us alone.”

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