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Chapter 5 Inside the House

Word Count: 800    |    Released on: 31/12/2021

s decorated with murals from the classical world. Still a bit dazed, Jack let himself be herded into the hallway and down the stairs. It’s al

too girly for his father and older brothers from the moment his memories began. His mother’s love had always been a cushion, an apology

that brought him to the low of being eaten by some great black and brown dog. In honesty, he wouldn’t give back the experience of Gael, even if it had meant he'd be eaten alive two weeks later.

sed from the top

k on the shoulder. “Keep

the curving stone stai

o the sky though, Jack thought as his hands reached out to catch one of Gael’s. All they had to do was fall

holding him with just as much intensity. “Holy Mary, Mot

me again?” Jack said, the worst kind of pai

thing. The car’s not mine. My fuckin’ clothes aren’t mine. I owe Alfred mo

ou weren’t a criminal, that you were telling me the truth, Gael. I don’t care what you’ve done. I don’t care that you’re Iris

“Foolish boys! Mr. Alfred going to

widened. “Is

t no patience when he gets mad. Jack, just get out of

d again, kissing the back of Gael’s han

ust go, Ja

rs. Lo snarled. “Gael

t through, one hand reaching to touch Gael’s curls. “Tha

r, pressing his scalp to relieve pressure. “I was

ything will be okay. God brought us togethe

God’s not real, Jack. He’s like St. Nick, but for grown ups. Just you get your

m going to change my clothes and then I’ll

“You fuckin’ Kansas idiot! He’s

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