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Chapter 10 Law and Medicine

Word Count: 1361    |    Released on: 31/12/2021

“You’re going to do splendidly,” Jack said. He was fussing over Gael’s tie for the third time.

“Then stop messing with my tie,” Gael said as tenderly as he could, his accent mostly Irish, but soft, as close to a genuine voice as he ever had. “You could kiss me again.”

“I’ve kissed you five times.” Jack let his hands fall away from the tie. “You look splendid. After work, will you please come see me at the hospital?”

“Ya sure,” Gael said, “Bring some dinner? How long is your shift?”

“From the way things have been going, about three days.” That was said with a bit of irritation. It was one thing to know that residents worked long hours. It was entirely another to work those shifts. The two days he’d had off had been very exciting, but hardly restful. He could completely live the rest of his life without ever seeing Alfred ever again. “You won’t miss me. You’ll be too busy studying.” Jack gave Gael a smile, angelic and adoring.

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