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Chapter 12 A Dinner Date
Words Count: 1925    |    Released on:05/01/2022

Gael felt like a new man! The fear from the morning was completely gone and he felt 100% sure that he was going to get more than a kiss from Dr. Walker. Honestly, he’d never been put off by anyone for this long. The kink of sex in a hospital just added to the edge of his hunger. That hope was from before he got to the hospital.

He’d never been in one before. The place didn’t smell sexy at all. It smelled like cleaning solutions and unanswered prayers. Not being fond of either, now that he was actually in the building, there might not even be enough edge of kink to make this work. Of course, somewhere in this modernistic block of cement was a red headed doctor and looking into those green eyes could make everything work anywhere they happened to be.

“May I help you,” the matron at the front desk asked.

As near as Gael could tell she probably had cement for blood. “I’m Gael McNeil. I’m looking for Dr. Jack Walker.”

“State your business.”

Gael leaned an elbow on the counter, smiling at her flirtatiously. “I’ve come to deliver his dinner.”

“You can leave it here for him.”

He gave her a wink and that was enough to get a bit of a blush out of her. “I’ve got to deliver it personally.”

Still blushing a bit, the cement in her blood turning to slurry, she cleared her throat and leaned closer. “He’s not like you. He’s,” she looked around as subtly as she could and then whispered, “Rumor is he’s... funny, if you know what I mean.”

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