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Alpha's Virgin Wife

Alpha's Virgin Wife

Author: Baby Charlene
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Word Count: 2688    |    Released on: 11/07/2021


second. If it wasn't for the sound of her legs rustling against the leaves and the raucous m



e our heads if

nd tho she was scared, she ma

she held to her chest, wrapped in a thick fabric. She m

rry" the woman whimpered

orest was extremely dark with just a dim re

uddenly, she felt a sharp pain on h

, unimaginable pains co

rms and rolled to the floor,

er whimpered, hold

arrow poisoned with Sitos, one of the witches' g

.... her

her close and placing her next to her chest as her back hit the fl

she suddenly heard a voice,

she'd known the poison

there in the dark, dressed in her long

." The woman on

un away from your judgement

t enough to escape the pen

ked her

o do with this.... plea

do with this!" A lightening crack

mated with one of our enemies and begat her. You broke one of our sac

made sure of that. Please Lura

shouldn't have fallen for an enemy and worst,


yita!" Her roar caused a

already gotten to the spot

your daughter, to death" she stretched out her hand towards her direction and that

h the poison in her system, using her powers would definit

nd, Ayita let out a loud scream - one tha

ky and quaked the trees aro

her wand, but it was already too late as a howling wind swept her off her feet

t left out as the wind

rvive that; Ayi

ame still and calm. It was so calm; only the perkings of the

her already - every single strength, her hand

..." She muttered

“Take the baby. Don’t let anyo

went clos


ould be seen in it; one on the bed, an

the bed screamed, her eyes g

wide opened, granting enou

ged and it gave the weak woman some hope as she took her lips into her mout

t'd be a boy. She had prayed day and night to the moon goddess to

so difficult t

e....!" The m

push - "Argh

e the baby's

ly pulled out the head until the two tiny legs came pulling

s didn't break out for joy instantly a

eyes went down to the baby's legs - in between. And h

ointment ran th

the two asked, her eyes wide

er throat as she a

ed dreadfully at the baby befor

instantly transferred the fear and

lene!" The seco

the chief looked at the mother

bad; really ba

hearing the Queen scream anymore, but a baby crying, he definitely knows t

You are our leader. It should be carried out by you

of the sex of their child, Kimi. What are you saying?" Ahiga

uples, not.... someone li

This isn't the t

" she suddenly pointed to t

youngest am

shrieked and shook

be coming to see me, nine days from now. And if everything goes

. She stared at the baby on the floor. Who was going to deliver t

walks in himself to know what was going on. And it was def

came up and the two ladies look

'll be fine" Kimi said, but Ahiga said n

the King could be seen pac

tho and fro' that other people do;, wi

ked a lot calm like one who was in deep thougts and fel

s crown on his head and his royal robe

and two ahead of him - for his protection. It

n. What was taking them so long? He was sure the Queen had stopped scr

filled his mind as he hoped this

tle patience and shortly

mid wife walking out. He stopped walking but didn't budge f

y slackening her steps as it was taking

Ahiga?" He as

he sèx of

raight to

k a really deep breat

e helplessly stutter


for, Ahiga". His voice was

bush; he was still going t

e continued, looking

it's a beau

hat w

e melted down instantly as his brow

r came flashing into his head, fe

Queen Nosheba, ca

ed him before leaving, but h

bowed. He wasn't saying anything and it was tearing

eck, one that lifted her feet off the f

the K

shock as he choked her, holdi

ming; glinting wi

t icy voic

st time you ever bring

w her roughly on the f

e the newly born chi

ment for seven different packs while the covens belonged to the Vampire. Each pack had it's Alpha, and each cove

ains lions - Vampires and Witches were not in good terms. T

so they can be over one governance. But there couldn't be more than one leader, thus, they decided to have a fight between a representative fr

or a fight and eventually, the Wolves won. So, the winner from there

w rules and constitutions for the

pires. But since the witches had refused taking part in the treaty, they were forever banished from ever stepping foo

been for a v

from Dakota's great grandfather, to his grandfather, to

d to be more different, powerf

rogues and other enemies. He was too brutal and po

ne problem. Well, maybe he had other pr

when he was done. And without an heir, his throne was bound to be unstable. It was a

ready, and from all three women he'

ursed, but the q

in, sitting on the bed with his head in his palms. Why

long, his gam

, Pishan" King Dakota said wit

owing who it was. He was used to the sc

th the body of a true ruler,the King had some kind of dauntlessness around him - one that made him feared by all

he order for tomorrow. Should the lockdown still be effective?" he

till stands"

it happens. So, anyone who breaks the rule



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