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Alpha's Virgin Wife
Alpha's Virgin Wife
Author: Baby Charlene
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Word Count: 2688    |    Released on: 11/07/2021


She panted heavily as she ran in the dark woods, her legs cutting so many distance in a split second. If it wasn't for the sound of her legs rustling against the leaves and the raucous men chasing after her from behind, she was damn sure her stolid breath would've been overheard.


"We're losing her!!!"

"Lura would have our heads if we let her go!"

The men yelled from behind, and tho she was scared, she made no attempt to look at them.

The little one whined in her arms - the little one which she held to her chest, wrapped in a thick fabric. She must be so scared and tired from all the running already.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry" the woman whimpered and increased her pace.

How does she lose the men behind her? The forest was extremely dark with just a dim reflection of the moonlight aiding her path.

A light sob racked her throat and suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her leg which threw her to the floor.

"Argh!!!" She cried out, unimaginable pains coursing through her body.

Her baby got loose from her arms and rolled to the floor, also letting out her own cry.

"No....!" The mother whimpered, holding onto her leg.

She could tell she'd been shot with an arrow - an arrow poisoned with Sitos, one of the witches' greatest poisons. No one can survive it.... No one.

Her baby.... her Baby....

She repudiated the pains and crawled to where her baby was, drawing her close and placing her next to her chest as her back hit the floor. No doubt, the men would definitely be catching up with her now.

"Your fight is over, Ayita" she suddenly heard a voice, that menacing female voice.

She'd known it was her; she'd known the poisoned arrow came from her.

She looked up and could see her standing there in the dark, dressed in her long black dress; so long, it swept the floor.

"Lura, please...." The woman on the floor winced.

"You really think you can run away from your judgement, Ayita? " She snapped in.

"You thought you were smart enough to escape the penalty for your foolishness?"

Sobs racked her throat.

"My child has nothing to do with this.... please, don't hurt her...."

"Your daughter has EVERYTHING to do with this!" A lightening cracked the sky as Lura spoke angrily.

"Your daughter, Ayita, is a curse. She became a curse the very day you mated with one of our enemies and begat her. You broke one of our sacred rules, Ayita, and you and your hybrid daughter has to pay for it!"

"She won't be a problem... I've made sure of that. Please Lura, you have to listen to me....."

"You're a witch, Ayita; one of our best. You shouldn't have fallen for an enemy and worst, have a child for him. You disappointed me".

"No, please..."

"Talking time is over, Ayita!" Her roar caused another crack in the sky.

The men chasing Ayita had already gotten to the spot and all stopped to watch.

"As the Queen of the Oceanic Witches of the West, I hereby sentence you, Ayita and your daughter, to death" she stretched out her hand towards her direction and that was the moment Ayita knew her life would come to an end - if she didn't do a thing.

There was only thing she could do - fighting Lura. But with the poison in her system, using her powers would definitely drain and kill her. But her baby.... she had no choice.

So, just when Lura was about using the wand, Ayita let out a loud scream - one that caused a thunderstorm this time around.

The vibration cracked the sky and quaked the trees around, Lura was taken abacked.

"Ayita!!!!!!" She roared the name in agony and quickly released the powers from her wand, but it was already too late as a howling wind swept her off her feet, took her so far, she cut a tree off it's root before crashing along with it.

The men around were not left out as the wind also howled them away.

No one would survive that; Ayita was certain

And few minutes later, after the scream, the entire place became still and calm. It was so calm; only the perkings of the crickets could be heard, and the sharp cry of the little one.

Ayita could feel the strength departing from her already - every single strength, her hand could barely hold her little one beside her.

"I love you, baby...." She muttered weakly and finally.

She heard someone whispered : “Take the baby. Don’t let anyone know she is the next........”

her eyes went close in sleep.


In a dimmed - light room. Four women could be seen in it; one on the bed, and three surrounding the one on the bed.

"Arghhhh....!!!!!" The one on the bed screamed, her eyes going extremely tight in agony.

Her legs were knee bent and wide opened, granting enough access to the mid-wives.

"Harder, Nosheba! I can see the baby's head already!" The chief mid-wife urged and it gave the weak woman some hope as she took her lips into her mouth and pushed hard - harder than she could. She had to bit her inner cheeks.

This was her second time giving birth and she was really hoping it'd be a boy. She had prayed day and night to the moon goddess to make it a boy so she could be the one to give the Alpha an heir!

But, why was it so difficult this time around?

"One more time....!" The mid wife yelled.

And another push - "Arghhhh.........!"

And pup! Came the baby's round head.

A gasp escaped from the other three women as they meticulously pulled out the head until the two tiny legs came pulling out as well. A sharp tiny cry erupted the room immediately.

Unlike every other birth, the mid-wives didn't break out for joy instantly as they had one more thing to confirm.

The chief was the one doing the job and nervously, her eyes went down to the baby's legs - in between. And her heart skipped heavily when she saw the small pelvic.

Fear and disappointment ran through her face.

"Ahiga, what is it?" One of the two asked, her eyes wide with curiosity and anxiety.

Her heart was on her throat as she awaited the answer.

Ahiga - the chief mid-wife stared dreadfully at the baby before looking up at her co worker.

"It's a female" she finally said and instantly transferred the fear and disappointment on her face to them.

"Oh! Blessed Selene!" The second one exclaimed.

The baby was still crying and the chief looked at the mother who had already fallen asleep.

This was really bad; really bad - she thought.

"Kimi, you should go tell the King about it. He's waiting outside and not hearing the Queen scream anymore, but a baby crying, he definitely knows the baby's out". The chief said while placing the crying baby on the floor.

"What?? And why should I be the one to do it, Ahiga? You are our leader. It should be carried out by you" the second mid wife - kimi- retorted immediately.

"But you're always the one who goes out to inform the couples of the sex of their child, Kimi. What are you saying?" Ahiga asked, her worried face belying the strict tone of her voice.

"I do that with normal couples, not.... someone like the King" Kimi replied.

"Come on, Kimi. This isn't the time for this ..."

"Maybe, Louise should do it" she suddenly pointed to the last mid wife beside her.

"She's the youngest amongst us" .

"Whaaat???" Louise shrieked and shook her head adamantly.

"Please, don't even think of doing this to me. My betrothed will be coming to see me, nine days from now. And if everything goes as planned, we'll be getting married after the 5th full moon".

Ahiga sighed and shook her head as her co workers argued about it. She stared at the baby on the floor. Who was going to deliver the news to the King? Definitely, it was a risk; a really big risk.

But she knew it wouldn't take long from now before the King walks in himself to know what was going on. And it was definitely going to be worst if he gets to find out himself".

"It's fine. I'll go" her voice came up and the two ladies looked at her with so much relief.

"Thank you so much, Ahiga. I believe you'll be fine" Kimi said, but Ahiga said nothing as she started towards the door.



In a long broad corridor, the King could be seen pacing around - tho and fro.

It wasn't the usual hyperventilative 'tho and fro' that other people do;, with King Dakota, it was always different.

Tho, he was anxious and paced tho and fro, he still looked a lot calm like one who was in deep thougts and felt like pacing tho and fro in order to aid his thoughts.

His hands were crossed at his back, his crown on his head and his royal robe sweeping the neat floor as he paced.

Two guards were at the entrance of the corridor and two ahead of him - for his protection. It wasn't like he needed their protection, anyways.

His eyes glanced at the door each time he turned towards that direction. What was taking them so long? He was sure the Queen had stopped screaming and the baby, crying. Why were none of the mid wives out already?

The curse from the moon goddess filled his mind as he hoped this baby could broke the curse.....

He tried excersing a little patience and shortly, he heard the door open.

He turned around snappily to take a look and saw the chief mid wife walking out. He stopped walking but didn't budge forward to meet her, instead he waited for her to meet him.

He could notice the woman was tactically slackening her steps as it was taking her longer time to get to where he was.

"How was it, Ahiga?" He asked gruffly.

"What is the sèx of the baby?"

He went straight to the point.

The average woman took a really deep breath before proceeding.

"M...M...My King" she helplessly stuttered, her head bowed.

"Gr.... Greetings, My King".

"Tell me what my ears longs for, Ahiga". His voice was rasped, she swallowed hard.

No need beating round the bush; he was still going to find out - Ahiga thought.

"My.... My King", she continued, looking so sweaty already.

"It's's a beautiful girl".

And that was it.

The anxiety on the Alpha King's face melted down instantly as his brows furrowed in surprise? And dismay.

Immediately, the words of the Seer came flashing into his head, few weeks ago when he'd visited him.

*Your second wife, Queen Nosheba, carries a she-wolf*.

He'd been so angry and doubted him before leaving, but he was right...! He was right.

Ahiga was still shaken in front of her with her head bowed. He wasn't saying anything and it was tearing her apart. Should she just turn around and walk away?

Suddenly, she felt a firm grip on her neck, one that lifted her feet off the floor and made them dangled in the air.

It was the King...!

Her eyes dilated in fear and shock as he choked her, holding her neck mercilessly tight.

His eyes were flaming; glinting with so much anger.

And in that icy voice, he said:

"This should be the last time you ever bring bad news to me, Ahiga"

And with that, he threw her roughly on the floor and marched away.

He didn't want to see the newly born child; not even a sight.



King Dakota was known as the superior Alpha King of the seven mountains and six covens. The mountains was a basement for seven different packs while the covens belonged to the Vampire. Each pack had it's Alpha, and each coven had it's VampLord, but King Dakota was the ruler of them all. The superior Leader of every Alpha and Vamp Lord.

So many years ago, the werewolves - also known as the mountains lions - Vampires and Witches were not in good terms. They were always having a fight and had so many restrictions.

The war lasted for a very long time until the wolves and vampires decided it was high time they put a stop to it. They decided to form a treaty so they can be over one governance. But there couldn't be more than one leader, thus, they decided to have a fight between a representative from each group with the winner becoming the overall leader. And while these preparations were going on, the witches vowed not to be a part of it.

A representative from the Wolves and one from the vamps stepped out for a fight and eventually, the Wolves won. So, the winner from there wolf became the superior Leader. That was King Dakota's grandfather.

The wolves and vampires formed new rules and constitutions for themselves, they did it collectively.

They all wanted peace and equality and since then till date, there had been no more fights between the wolves and vampires. But since the witches had refused taking part in the treaty, they were forever banished from ever stepping foot in their lands, and the witches took an oath never to have anything to do with the mountain Lions or blood suckers.

And so it has been for a very long time.

The superior leadership has long stayed with the Wolves, from Dakota's great grandfather, to his grandfather, to his own father, and then to him - himself - King Dakota.

But in all history, he appeared to be more different, powerful and brutal than his fathers.

Everyone feared him - the way he fought against the rogues and other enemies. He was too brutal and powerful and earned so much fear and respect from all.

But the Almighty King Dakota had only one problem. Well, maybe he had other problems, but this was the most critical.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get a male child, an heir to take over him when he was done. And without an heir, his throne was bound to be unstable. It was a bigger problem to him as he felt cursed. Yes, he was cursed - by the moon goddess.

He's been married to three women already, and from all three women he'd gotten 4 children - all females.

He knew he was cursed, but the question was *why?*

He arrived at his chambers not long after and settled in, sitting on the bed with his head in his palms. Why was his case different - he thought regrettably. Why?

It didn't take long, his gamma walked in.

"I do not want to be disturbed, Pishan" King Dakota said with his head still in his palms.

He didn't need to take a look before knowing who it was. He was used to the scent of the top people in his mountain.

The gamma - Pishan - stopped by the door - his eyes staring at the heavily-built man in front of him. Blessed with the body of a true ruler,the King had some kind of dauntlessness around him - one that made him feared by all. He was the only one who knew the King so well and could correctly guess what was wrong with him at the moment.

"Forgive me for interrupting, My King, but I only wish to confirm the order for tomorrow. Should the lockdown still be effective?" he said and King Dakota released his head from his palm to look at him.

"The order still stands" he growled.

"I wouldn't want anyone being around when it happens. So, anyone who breaks the rule by stepping out tomorrow, will be killed".

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