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Chapter 4 Focus, Miss Gordon!

Word Count: 787    |    Released on: 19/06/2023

Vera's husband, however, was quite

ollege classmate, Miss Rena G

wingly. "Nice to me

ace, he stretched out his h

uriously. When they saw that the pretty Rena w

ted, "Mr. Fowler, y

s situation before. Being talked about so openly, she cou

ig hand sh

a charming smile, "Miss Gordon, would y

ound and started walking towards the court,

choice but t

he golf club and watched

didn't grow impatient even though Rena

ry. I'll t

veryone knew what he was reall

lose to her— which meant that he didn't

d. She was wearing shorts, which exposed her long legs. As he

n't help b

on!" Waylen whisp


lding the golf club. Then he guided

distance, the people around them burst into a

s Gordon work with

ler taught he

shot, Mr

o people talking

't. She blush

ear. "Miss Gordon, shal

ng golf; at their second sw

round of applause. Waylen waved at them co

rt started

try to seduce him, but in

most women wouldn't be able to resist his charm. It was ju

ind and helped her hi

ost of the time, he talked about business with others, and occas

ed to come up with ways

sh towel—she attended to him like a loya

this was th

expect that Mr. Fowler could also be flirtatious! I've seen him a

aylen because she doubted he'd marry her.

nt to make him happy so that I can ge

ghed in

as suddenly kicked open. Harold strode in. Before the gir

him away from her. "Harold, w

an her. Without much effort, he

he door was locked

lded, "Harold, you bastard! Open t

dn't give

ld he have dumped Rena and dea

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Chapter 99 Kiss My Lips
Chapter 100 Your Relationship Is So Good!
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