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Chapter 7 They Looked Exactly Alike

Word Count: 1096    |    Released on: 27/07/2022

head around the wild activi

morning, she couldn't move a mus

gh her mind and she blushed. Mr. Glyn wa

nto her ears as if there was a b

she began to wonder if a bird had indeed ac

my father brought

napped her back to reality and

? Be

lled him into her arms. She coaxed him in a low voice, "My baby

cked in her embrace before he could even react. It took him a few sec

Take your han

adeline exhaled a deep sigh and said, "Ben

ed red and he jumped out o

ou weren't the first woman my father has brought back in this

eyes widene

the little boy who was p

g wasn't

not B

nce was uncanny, Benny


ror, Madeline lowered her eyes to th

in her own

the comfortable big bed she was sitting on, did

ooking at? I'm

tepped forward to grab her attention. He raised one leg and s

er arms, her heart rac

was her child who had been take

. Why was

e here?" Madeline softened he

n't want to fright

ks blushed red. Turning his head around and then cocking his head in a snooty

rise. Clearly, she didn't expect s

n birth to by her, the little boy se

said, "I'm Madeline Powell

ked her up and down as if he w

uickly pulled up the thin quilt to

ppropriate for

ay, she felt

me?" Madeline looked at him with a smile. S

he was not happy with the wa

enson Glyn. I'm afraid you don't ha

tion when she heard his name. Coincident


particular person poppe

e was Glyn, then it

deline's face was stuck in

eyes glimmered

is Julius and


d went blank i

lius must have been her myste

enny were th



Madeline ended up

t come to terms

rong... w

nfusion, waving his little

lled Benson into her arms and gave him a big

missed her other

ouldn't take him away, nor could she stay

would leave with the money after giving birth to the bab

s found out about Benny, she co

ou doing? L

ne in disgust and said, "Don't you know how to respect other people's boundaries? As a respectable woman, you should keep a d

ned her grip, tears w

d do right now, but she kn

thing to you later. Please, wait for m

nd. She picked up her clothes and rushed into the bathroom to take a sh



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