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Chapter 7 They Looked Exactly Alike
Words Count: 1096    |    Released on:27/07/2022

Madeline couldn't wrap her head around the wild activity she had had last night.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, she couldn't move a muscle and her body ached all over.

The memories of last night flashed through her mind and she blushed. Mr. Glyn was a completely different man last night!

A faint sound of chirping came into her ears as if there was a bird hiding somewhere in the room.

As the chirping became louder and clearer, she began to wonder if a bird had indeed accidentally flown into the room from outside.

"Are you the woman my father brought back last night?"

The sound of a child's voice snapped her back to reality and she finally opened her eyes.

"Huh? Benny?"

Madeline looked at the fair-faced boy with squinted eyes and pulled him into her arms. She coaxed him in a low voice, "My baby, please don't disturb your mommy. Let me sleep a little longer."

The little boy's mouth was agape in bafflement as he found himself locked in her embrace before he could even react. It took him a few seconds to come to his senses before he tried to wriggle out of her arms.

"Let go of me! Take your hands off of me!"

Exasperated by the little boy's whining, Madeline exhaled a deep sigh and said, "Benny, what's wrong with you? Are you hungry?"

The little boy's face turned red and he jumped out of her arms to look at her.

"Who is Benny? What are you talking about? Do I know you? If you weren't the first woman my father has brought back in this house, I would have asked the butler to escort you out at once!"

Madeline's eyes widened in shock.

She focused her vision at the little boy who was pointing his finger at her.

Something wasn't right.

He was not Benny.

Although, the resemblance was uncanny, Benny wouldn't wear a suit!


After looking around the room in horror, Madeline lowered her eyes to the bed and that was when she realized—

She was not in her own apartment.

This extravagant and spacious room, as well as the comfortable big bed she was sitting on, did not belong to her small, two-bedroom apartment.

"What are you looking at? I'm talking to you!"

The little boy furrowed his eyebrows in dissatisfaction and stepped forward to grab her attention. He raised one leg and stepped on the silk bed sheet with his tiny shiny leather shoe.

Madeline held him in her arms, her heart racing in utter disbelief.

If her guess was right, this boy was her child who had been taken away from her five years ago!

However... Why was he here?

"What's your name? Do you live here?" Madeline softened her voice as she spoke to him.

After all, she didn't want to frighten the little boy.

When Madeline spoke to him politely, the little boy felt so shy that his cheeks blushed red. Turning his head around and then cocking his head in a snooty way, he said, "I asked you a question first! You haven't told me who you are."

Madeline looked at the boy in surprise. Clearly, she didn't expect someone of his age to be so shrewd.

Although both he and Benny were given birth to by her, the little boy seemed more quick-witted in comparison.

Amused, Madeline smiled and said, "I'm Madeline Powell, your father's... friend."

The little boy frowned and looked her up and down as if he wasn't convinced by her answer.

Facing the child's gaze, Madeline quickly pulled up the thin quilt to cover the hickeys on her shoulders.

Those weren't appropriate for a child's eyes.

Needless to say, she felt embarrassed.

"It's your turn, little guy. What's your name?" Madeline looked at him with a smile. Suddenly, she found herself in a good mood.

The boy pouted his lips as if he was not happy with the way Madeline had addressed him.

"My name is not, little guy, it's Benson Glyn. I'm afraid you don't have the right to call me little guy!"

"Benson..." Madeline fell into contemplation when she heard his name. Coincidentally, the name had a familiar ring to it!


Suddenly, the image of a particular person popped into Madeline's mind.

If the boy's surname was Glyn, then it would mean that...

"Is Julius your father?" Madeline's face was stuck in an incredulous expression.

Benson's bright eyes glimmered as he nodded.

"Yes, my father is Julius and this is my home!"

Oh my God!

Madeline's mind went blank in an instant.

If that was the case, then Julius must have been her mysterious employer five years ago.

Benson and Benny were their children.

Oh no!

It was unbelievable!

Five years later, Madeline ended up with Julius again!

Madeline couldn't come to terms with the truth!

"What's wrong... with you?"

Benson stared at her in confusion, waving his little hand in front of her face.

"Baby! My baby!" All of a sudden, Madeline pulled Benson into her arms and gave him a big kiss. Then, she kept mumbling, "I'm so sorry."

After all, she had missed her other son for five years.

Although she had finally found him, she couldn't take him away, nor could she stay there with him because of her identity.

Besides, she had signed an agreement that stated that she would leave with the money after giving birth to the baby. As such, she had relinquished her rights as his mother.

To make matters worse, if Julius found out about Benny, she could even lose custody over him!

"What are you doing? Let go of me!"

Benson furrowed his eyebrows angrily as he wiped his face with his sleeve after Madeline kissed him. Then he looked at Madeline in disgust and said, "Don't you know how to respect other people's boundaries? As a respectable woman, you should keep a distance from a strange man like me. Hasn't anybody told you that it's inappropriate to call someone your baby out of the blue?"

Madeline slowly loosened her grip, tears welling up in her eyes.

There was nothing she could do right now, but she knew what she should do next!

"I'm sorry, Benson. I'll explain everything to you later. Please, wait for me. I promise I'll be back to get you."

She gently caressed his soft face, and then reluctantly withdrew her hand. She picked up her clothes and rushed into the bathroom to take a shower. Soon after, she left quickly, leaving Benson with a puzzled face.

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