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Chapter 2 First Time Meeting The Scum
Words Count: 1160    |    Released on:27/07/2022

Five years had passed.

When Madeline was working in front of the computer, a five-year-old boy burst through the door carrying a pile of colorful building blocks and tugged on the hem of her jeans, interrupting her work.

"Mommy, do you want to play with me?"

Madeline leaned down and gently patted the top of his head. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I'm still working. You can play by yourself, right?"

Benny Powell hung his head and furrowed his brows in displeasure. Holding the building blocks, he turned around sorrowfully and murmured, "It's okay. I won't bother you anymore."

Madeline's heart sank as she saw the young boy's forlorn expression, and she tried to stop him from leaving with a slight hand gesture.

Suddenly, a dialogue box appeared on the computer screen.

"Maddie! A big order has come in!" The message came from her agent.

For her online job, she went by the name "Maddie".

After giving it some consideration, Madeline finally wrote, "What exactly is it? I need to know more about this."

"I'll send you the client's contact information. You can message the client for more details."

"Okay," Madeline wrote, smiling.

Immediately after befriending the client on the instant messaging app, it took Madeline thirty minutes to inquire about the job's particulars.

The client hired her to discredit Julius Glyn, the Glyn Group's CEO, who had a formidable and distinguished background.

According to the public, this guy was cold and cunning, uninterested in women, and free of any gambling or drug taking proclivities.

In a nutshell, he was perfect, yet getting close to him was almost impossible.

However, the client said that this individual differed greatly from what the outside world had been led to believe. Everything was a cover-up.

He lied to and cheated the client's sister. Despite this, her devotion to him led her to commit suicide many times.

The client also sent a few images of the girl's arms, revealing several scars and wounds.

Under normal circumstances, the agent checked most of the documents provided by the client beforehand and confirmed their validity.

The client demanded that Julius's guise of 'not interested in women' be exposed to the public.

After learning more about the matter, Madeline, the Internet's reigning queen of public opinion, eventually consented.

The next day, due to her new mission's difficulty, she decided to dress up before leaving home.

At the foot of the bed, the little boy sat, swinging his short legs and tilting his head as he watched her move back and forth, changing into different outfits.

"Are you going out, Mom?"

When Madeline heard that, her hand stopped buttoning up her shirt. She turned to face Benny in the mirror's reflection and replied, "Yes, I have to go to work today. Are you okay with just staying at home?"

"I don't want to! Bring me along, Mommy!" Frowning, the little guy sprang out of bed with a pout and clung to Madeline's leg.

Madeline bowed her head and looked at him, realizing that it would be tough to convince him this time around.

This kid being clingy could prevent her from going out today.

Madeline crouched down while trying to persuade him, as she applied pressure to her temples, feeling a little headache. "Baby, I'm going to save the world by beating the bad guys out there. You're too young to accompany me for something this serious."

Benny quickly released his grasp, lifted his head, and gazed at her with bright eyes. "Are you a superwoman? Are you going out to take on the evil guys?"

Madeline nodded, trying hard not to laugh, and added, "Yes, I am."

Benny regarded her with adoration. He changed his mind and motioned for her to go.

Madeline quickly grabbed her purse. Before she left, she told Benny several times not to answer the door when someone knocked and not to touch certain areas of the house. Later, the babysitter would use her key to get inside the house.

Walking up to the front door, Benny waved and said, "I know! You need to quit bugging me. It's time for you to go! Bye!"

After that, he shut the door.

Madeline stood still outside the door for a few moments before realizing what was happening. She was amused by the boy's actions.

After half an hour, Madeline showed up in front of the Glyn Group's building, looking lovely.

She had sent her resume to the Glyn Group's official website last night and applied for the CEO's temporary assistant role. In the end, she was hired for the position.

Even though she was only working for three days, it was plenty of time for her.

After swiping her card and entering the building, Madeline rode the elevator to the top floor, acting as if she had been there before.

The elevator soon came to a stop with a soft tinkling sound. People hurried out of the elevator, and they even shoved Madeline aside. She was stumbling and couldn't walk straight in her high heels. She almost tripped after failing to keep her balance, risking an ankle injury.

"What's with all the shoving and scurrying around? You people truly are..."

Madeline glared at everyone as she brushed the fabric of her skirt.

Somehow, the crowd all of a sudden got very excited.

She followed everyone's gaze and saw a tall, straight figure approaching from a distance.

"Oh, my God! I can't believe this. Is that the CEO? What a lucky day this is! We are able to meet him! He is incredibly gorgeous!"

Madeline's eyes got big when she heard the keywords. When she saw the person coming closer, she couldn't help but gulp her saliva.

The photos in the file she obtained looked nothing like the person she saw.

This man seemed a hundred times more attractive in person than in the photos!

No wonder the client's sister would take her own life for this guy many times.

Madeline sighed heavily in her heart when she remembered that this man was a scum, who had deceived a girl and had a terrible character.

It didn't matter how good-looking a guy was as long as the word 'scum' was associated with him.

After the man left, everyone dispersed in every direction.

Following him closely, Madeline pulled up her skirt a little and held her bag securely in her hand as she kept her head down.

"Are you the new assistant?"

Because she hadn't anticipated the guy to make an abrupt halt and turn around, Madeline failed to stop in time and crashed into the man's shoulder.

"Ouch... Yes, I've been hired as your new assistant. Today is my first day on the job."

After stepping back and rubbing her nose with her palm, Madeline smiled up at him.

After hearing it, Julius frowned and glanced at her indifferently. His gaze finally settled on her knee-length skirt.

"Are you sure you didn't come to the wrong place?"

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