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Chapter 6 Are You Going To Do It Or Not
Words Count: 866    |    Released on:27/07/2022

"Mr... Glyn?"

The strange man's steps froze when he saw Julius standing in front of him.

Holding Madeline in his arms, Julius raised his head and glared at the man coldly. "Who do you think you are? How dare you lay your filthy hands on my woman?"

The man lowered his head and muttered nervously, "Mr. Glyn, I'm from X-Co."

"Get out of my sight!"

"Yes, sir! Of course! I'm leaving now."

As soon as he finished talking, the man wasted no time and scampered away like a mouse with his tail between his legs

"Are you okay?"

Turning his head, Julius looked at Madeline with concern.

"Not... Not okay." Madeline tried to catch her breath as she rested her head on his shoulder without conscious thought.

Julius furrowed his eyebrows in concern before he took her outside immediately for some fresh air.

The cold breeze outside made Madeline feel better.

She turned her head and looked at Julius who was about to put her in the car. "It seems that I was drugged."

"I know." With a straight face, Julius sat down next to her calmly and gave the driver an address.

The car started slowly. In the closed space, the reason that Madeline had just recovered gradually dissipated.

Narrowing his eyes at her, Julius put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Sit tight. Don't move."

The touch of his hand made Madeline feel dizzier and she nuzzled her head against his firm chest.

"I don't feel good."

Julius looked at her with surprise before he pushed her away and said, "Sit here quietly, or I'll throw you out."

"Don't push me away. I am feeling better this way." With a pink blush on her cheeks, Madeline clung to him despite his warning.

Julius squinted his eyes at her as he caught a whiff of her perfume.

"Do you really want to be my woman?" He leaned closer, raised her chin with his finger, and peered into her eyes.

Madeline knew that she had already lost control of her brain, which was now controlled by the drug.

She grabbed him by his chin as he did and asked, "What's wrong? Can't I?"

A smile appeared on Julius' face. Just as he was about to say something, Madeline cut him short.

"Hmm... I've heard that no one has ever seen any woman around you before..." She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at him curiously, before adding, "Is it because you have some sort of physical defect?"


Julius stared at her silently, gritting his teeth. The woman made another guess.

"If there is nothing wrong with your body, does that mean that you're into men? Are you gay?"


Julius' face darkened and he tightened his grip on Madeline's waist.

"Ouch... Why did you pinch me?"

Julius couldn't help but squeeze her chin with his fingers.

"Do you know that you're going to pay for what you've just said to me?"

"Pay? How?" Madeline rolled her eyes at him and nuzzled up against him as if she had no idea what he was talking about.

Clenching his teeth, Julius took a deep breath to stifle his anger.

He looked at her carefully and whispered in her ear, "I haven't been aroused by any woman for a long time."

Madeline's eyes widened at his words. She touched his face and smiled, "What a coincidence! This is also the first time I've met a man as hard to deal with as you!"

The atmosphere in the back seat became intense.

The driver's body stiffened and he focused his eyes on the road as he didn't dare to look back.

A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of a villa.

Julius wrapped his coat around Madeline and carried her out of the back seat.

When the servants downstairs saw him coming in, they came to greet him. When they met with Julius' deep gaze, they lowered their eyes to the floor.

"Don't let anyone come upstairs without my permission."

After saying that, Julius kicked the door open to his bedroom and carried Madeline in.

He stopped in front of the bed and asked her, "This is your last chance. Have you decided yet?"

In a daze, Madeline raised her face to look at him before she pulled him down.

"You are hesitating. Are you going to do it or not?"

Clenching his teeth, Julius bent down and said, "You tell me then."

Julius began to kiss her body, nuzzling his face between her soft supple breasts and satiating his hunger for the scents and textures of her skin. A moan escaped Madeline as she was filled with a flooding sensation. She was so wet by this time, that she wrapped her fingers around his 'hot gun'.

"Ah... I like that. Ah... That's it." Raising her head high, Madeline brushed her fingers through his hair and pressed her breasts against his face. She turned to mount him and used her hand to slip him inside her. Once she had Julius deep inside, she began to slowly rotate her hips.

His heavy breathing and her cries of pleasure echoed through the room repeatedly until the dawn.

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