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One Night, Two Babies
One Night, Two Babies
Author: Liz Pinelis
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Chapter 1 A Special Birthday Gift
Words Count: 1390    |    Released on:27/07/2022

"Are you even a legal adult?"

Under the influence of the drug, Madeline Powell answered with the last bit of reason she had, "Of course! I've just turned eighteen today!"

"And you decided to prostitute yourself as soon as you came of age, huh? Are you so short of money? Or you just can't wait to have sex with men?"

The man touched her chin with his long fingers and lifted it as if inspecting a newly acquired possession.

His rough fingers caressed Madeline's face gently until he suddenly pinched her chin hard and forced her to look into his eyes. Her cheeks were slightly flushed due to the drug's effect, a silent invitation for the man. Her faint fragrance lingered in his nose, making his member hard and throb between his legs.

Yet, high-level predators were known to be patient instead of rushing things. Thus, the man's fingers first moved past her slip dress to meet her already wet vagina. Madeline screamed at his sudden intrusion. Before she could retreat, his lips went down on hers, and she unconsciously clamped her thighs.

"Relax." The man let her go for a moment.

"Hurry up..." Madeline urged in a daze. The man's saliva still glistened at the corner of her mouth.

Leaning over, he smirked.

"You're just a young girl..."

He paused, looking at her for a while. Then he loosened his grip on her and stepped back coldly.

"You don't have what I want in a woman. Get out of here." Those words made the man look mean and aloof.

At the sound of that, a shiver ran down Madeline's spine. However, she had already come to this place willing to risk everything, so she didn't take no as an answer. Leaning forward, she flirted with him again.

"How do you know if you haven't even given me a chance?" Madeline took off her white shirt and then her lace bra, exposing her beautiful torso under the dim light. Grabbing the glass of red wine beside her, she poured the liquid onto her body, the coldness making her tremble. Although she was very ashamed, her gesture was sincere.

"I'm completely wet. I can't get out like this." The wine ran from her neck to her collarbones and then down to the tips of her breasts. The young girl's body looked extremely sexy and attractive at that moment. It drove the man crazy.

"Hmm... It's cold..." Madeline clung closely to him like a docile cat, slightly wringing her waist.

"You asked for it."

The man was stunned for a few seconds, but as soon as he came to his senses, he reached out for her again.

He grabbed the red slip dress still covering her thighs and pulled it up until the thin fabric was over Madeline's face.

Originally, she already couldn't see the man's features clearly because the wall lamp was the only thing that lit the room. But now all she could detect was a vague outline of his body on top of hers.

Her nudity, in turn, was completely exposed to his eyes. The tension in her body didn't hide how nervous she was as the man's large hands slowly slid down her collarbones, stopping at her rosy nipples.

The drug was taking away all of Madeline's inhibitions. Her body couldn't help but respond to the man's caresses. Trembling with desire, she longed for him to get inside her at once.

When the man saw how desperately she reacted to his touch, his eyes hardened. All his previous tenderness was gone. How could he sympathize with a woman who had taken a drug before throwing herself at him?

Spreading Madeline's legs shamelessly apart, the man didn't hesitate and sank deep into her.

"Ouch! It hurts! "

Madeline's delicate hand pressed against the man's chest in an attempt to push him away from her, but she didn't have enough strength to make him move.

The pain caused her body to become extremely stiff, which made the man even more violent with her.

Every time he pushed more aggressively into her, he reached somewhere deeper. Madeline's body couldn't help but bounce in tune with his. Her tightly furrowed eyebrows did nothing to arouse the man's mercy.

Madeline had no idea if she had just gradually adapted to his fierceness or if the drug's effect had fully kicked in, but as soon as she let out a cry of pleasure, her face flushed as red as a ripe apple. Quickly, she bit her tongue hard, trying to stifle another sound.

The expression on her face only stimulated the man more. As his movements became more frantic, he ruthlessly kissed her delicate lips.

The sound of his member thrusting in and out of her and the snap of flesh against flesh made the temperature of the entire suite go up.

The next morning, Madeline woke up and found herself alone in the room. There were clothes and tissues scattered all around the floor, indicating how violent the sex was last night.

Every time Madeline moved, she felt as if her body was being torn apart. After much struggle to get out of bed, she picked up her clothes and put them on.

The moment she saw the money transfer notification on her phone, she immediately ran to the municipal hospital and didn't think to look where that man was.

As long as she had the money, her mother could get treatment.

Nothing else was more important to her, not even her own virginity.

After paying the medical fees, Madeline held her mother's hand one last time before the nurses sent her mother into the operating room.

Madeline waited for four hours until the doctor came out and told her that her mother's condition was stable for now. As she heard this, she leaned against the wall and heaved a sigh of relief.

She only didn't count that the repercussions of the previous night were far from over.

In a few weeks, Madeline found out she was pregnant.

Even though she only had sex with that guy that night, she got pregnant with his baby.

Luckily, all she had to do for the next few months was take good care of herself.

The person who had hired her was very generous. She would receive money every month, which was enough to cover her mother's health care expenses.

As time went by, her belly began to grow, and her mother's condition continued being stable.

Just as Madeline was starting to think that she would finally be able to lead a peaceful life, she got a notice from the hospital saying that her mother's condition had worsened.

At this time, she was eight months pregnant. Although she had hurried to the hospital, she couldn't see her mother for the last time before she died.

She was caught in a whirlwind of emotions that caused her to go into labor prematurely.

"What are you doing? Wait a minute! Let me see my baby!"

Before Madeline could recover from the grief of losing her mother, a group of people broke in and took her child away.

She didn't even have a chance to touch the baby.

"Oh! There's one more coming!"

Madeline was still in a daze when she heard the nurse's words.

With the last bit of strength, Madeline opened her eyes in panic as she saw the nurse holding another baby covered in blood.


She stretched out her trembling hands to the nurse and stopped her from leaving with the newborn.

"Let me see the baby."

The nurse's heart softened when she saw the tears streaming down Madeline's exhausted face. After wrapping the baby in a blanket, she handed it to the poor mother.

While the nurse went out, Madeline struggled out of bed and staggered out of the hospital with the baby in her arms. She didn't care that she was too tired from giving birth to the twins.

That baby was the last family she had left.

She couldn't let those people take this child away from her too.

They wouldn't lay a hand on her baby. No way!

An hour later, when those people got the news that there was a second baby, they returned to the hospital. The sheets were still a mess, but there was no sign of Madeline.

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