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Chapter 20 Home
Words Count: 1155    |    Released on:09/12/2021

Lake felt so happy and light after their sibling talk. Lottie had been gone for a while now but promised to come by again tomorrow.

Now, he really believes that the sun shines after the storm.

How he wished that his husband would come home soon. He wanted to apologize for not believing him when he said he loved him.

Please, Rush, come home. He silently pleads.

And it looks like his guardian angel was listening, because the door opened, presenting Rush.

Their eyes met.

Rush's expression was soft. It looks like he was not mad anymore. Hope surged in Lake's heart.

"H-Hi." He greeted.

"Hi, yourself!" Rush greeted, smiling fondly.

Rush walked towards him and encircled his waist with his arms, pulling him towards him. "Are you in the mood to talk now, Mr. Braylen?"

Lake's eyes became teary. His husband is not mad anymore.

"Sshh.. It's okay, love." Rush kissed him on the forehead.

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