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Stammering Hearts

Stammering Hearts

Author: Addie Bell
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Chapter 1 Now Let's Try My Name

Word Count: 1288    |    Released on: 08/12/2021

nt u-up t-the h-hill to f

behind him. He turned his head in its direction a

appened to be his godmother. The Braylens always visit

s attention and to make him talk to him. Or should he say, piss him off. It seems like

but you're still stuttering."

quietly turned his back to him. He gripped his fa

still not contented, he even stood in front of him. "That's a nursery rhyme. By now, you should've m

his head to look at Rush and bringing it back down

What are you so shy about? You're a very pretty boy

t to answer. He, hims

someone talks to him. Especially when

'Jack'", Rus

ush. Should he obey him or not? He doesn't

kay. Just try i

face with him. It's like he got hypnotized by the sincerity that he


e did not

Rush was sm

y with Rush's

say 'J


stuttering. It was a big a

as he sat beside Lake. "Don't panic. Remove

confused by the kindness that Rush sho

try my name.

his name. "R-Rush." Lake said with blushing cheeks. He doesn't underst

s speaking to his mommy. This was a diffe

stutter again when it was my name you'

r tightened while hiding his

laughed. "Do you have

wn. Rush calls him 'Lakey'

teased. "You're still so young t

tood up and ran back inside the house and went



w why every time he and his mom goes to the Wr

even fight back even though he annoys him too much

ounger sister Lottie. He saw how Lottie stomped

he teddy bear back. No wo

hat he said, he saw that he can speak prop

hy Lake is always afrai

ght and properly because he had se

ed them. Because of how bored he is, he decided t

flowers. He was about to go back into the house when

ice and followed it. He stopped in his tracks

alking to his teddy bear. "Did you brush your

se of how straight Lake was s

your teeth. That's what my teacher said. S

will surely get hit again. Unfortunately, Daddy's not here. He'

Even he noticed that Lake was not close to his mother, which happened to be

how happy his Aunt Leina is when it comes to Lottie. He would always hear praises f

at Lake seems afraid of his mother. Op

w close the two are. He can't say that Finlay favored Lake because he also treats Lottie th

oying and teasing him. He wants Lake to accidentally speak clearly because of how pis

m already when he obeyed his instruction. He doesn't know what ente

s encouragement from those who are around h

ess. In that way, there's a possibili

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