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Chapter 3 Surprise

Word Count: 1527    |    Released on: 08/12/2021

s you." Lake said crying while holdi

ter his bypass operation. Although the specialists already told them tha

mber their conversation before his fathe


lls you. Believe in yourself, honey." Finlay weakly said while the nurses were wheeling him to

ud of you, Lake. I know all of your achievements." Lake looked at his fath

ct your decision in hiding it from us. You don't expect me not to d


'll be there every step of the way." Finlay's voice was shaking when he said that

, he kissed him on the forehead, believ

f Flas

de the hospital. When their father was rolled out from the operating room, he

out from the doctor’s explanation. There's only one thing that i

ever done: To say goodbye to the person who had always been there for him from the beginni

again. He would never hear his voice ag

ever see his fat


th la

resting ground. "Remember Jade, the girl who saw my works back in college? We accidentally bumped into each other again after two years

his father. He immediately went to the c

at's the Renji Kimura. The w

first time, after his father die

nd judge my works, at least,

also had his MBA from Harvard. He would like to take Fine Arts as his course but of co

he course that she wanted, but unbeknown to her, Lake's spare time was spe

rolled in an art class while taking up Admi

ut you, Dad. I miss you so much."


d home from the cemetery. It was Satu

oesn't need to knock or use the doorbell. He also will not

n the spur of the moment, but he really loved his car as much as he loved his old st

he money he paid for the car came from his savings. It came from the allowances that he saved and a big p

car seldom give up in the middle of th

every sense of the word.

Lake refused. He doesn't mind that the c

as a gift from

jealous. But that was before. Besides, L

port card to his parents. He was consistently the top student in the class and had won a lot of academic

and humble. Still afraid to speak because his mother always compares him to Lottie- how different he was to his sister.. how se

ouse. Until now, he's still afraid of his mother- big t

weak and aloof towards other people. It had been a long time

n front of other people, especially when it is his mother. Because most of t

doctor saw nothing wrong with him. So he just said

well. But when someone is in front of him, he stutters. He feels like h

that it was a thi

he likes and his mother will dislike it. When his father was still alive, it's easy for him

that when his father died, he doesn

finally have a chance to showcase his paintings

k in their house, he wa

pped by the cool air

the key in the keyhole. But he was su

d his eyes tightly. He w

ng. Confusedly and reluctantly, he slowly opened his left eye, followe

ld had prepared hi

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