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Chapter 18 The Truth
Word Count: 1256    |    Released on: 09/12/2021

Lake quickly started the engine of his car and drove away from the studio. He already said what he needed to say to Rush. After what happened, he doesn't know how to face him again.

But before that, he needs to know something first. If he needs to face everything, he would want to do it now. He'll confront everything today.

Not long after, he stopped his car in front of their house. He had to talk to his mother once and for all.

He saw no one in their living room, so he went straight to his mother's room. Before reaching his destination, he passed by the library. Its door was open and he heard talking inside.

He listened. He knows the voices: his mother and Mrs. Porter.

"I don't know why he needs to communicate with me again after the years that passed by." He heard his mom say. Anger was evident in her voice.

"What does Troy need? Did he say it?" It was Mrs. Porter's voice.

"He wants to meet his child."

"Lake." Said Mrs. Porter.

Lake's ears rang. Was he.. adopted?

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