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Chapter 5 Meeting You..Again
Words Count: 1121    |    Released on:08/12/2021

Rush had been lying on his bed for a long while now but his mind is still very much awake.

The sweet smile on his lips hasn't been erased yet.

He suffered ten long years of not being able to see Lake's beautiful face. He had no choice but to be contented with the photos of Lake that his mom sent him.

Earlier, while waiting for the boy, he can't help himself from worrying when night came and Lake still hasn't come home.

It was nine-thirty when he told his Aunt Leina that he will wait for Lake. Leina had already retired in her room but Rush was still left worrying in the big living room. Still hoping for the only person he had been anticipating to see, to finally arrive.

Exactly ten o-clock when he decided that he will just wait on the front porch of the house. And imagine his surprise and happiness when upon opening the door, he saw a close-eyed Lake.

He can't forget the expression on Lake's face. Based on the way he was clenching his eyes shut, he knows who Lake was expecting on the other side of the door. His dainty hand that was clutching the key tightly was left suspended mid-air.

Surprise was what covered Lake's face when he recognized him.

He might've not seen the boy, but it was a face he knew well enough. Rush had memorized Lake's features.

Only now, they had matured. The skinny boy with an almost flat hair had grown into a lovely young man.

Oh, how he had changed. But some things remained as it was, like those long, dark lashes that framed his often shy Mediterranean eyes, his defined cheekbones, and thin pink lips.

He sighed. Is Lake still shy?

Lake still looked shy but he seemed to have gained confidence somehow. Anyway, even though others can't see, he had always noticed that behind those shy eyes was intelligence. Though he was as quiet as a mouse, he saw a hint of inner strength in Lake.

He knows that Lake was really devastated by his father's death, aside from what his mother told him. And he realized that he has not yet given his condolences to the boy.

He wanted so much to go back home when he heard the news about Finlay's death. He wanted to be there for Lake so badly.

But then, it's not easy for him to do that. He was in the middle of a big project.

He plans on staying back in London for good and will just visit the different branches of his company. After all, he had already done what he needed to do. It was now time to fulfill his promise.

Rush sighed. When he came home five years ago after his graduation, he was both happy and devastated to find out that Lake just went to Harvard.

Later on, he realized that what happened was for the best. Because if he had seen Lake that time, he will surely not go back and will just stay with the boy.

He sighed again and closed his eyes. And just like what always happens to him, he saw Lake smiling at him.

He went to sleep with Lake in his mind.


Lake woke up early because he needs to bring his paintings to Jade's studio. She's a photographer and has her own studio now.

Jade told him to just bring his works there. Lake needs to have at least twelve paintings to show Mr. Kimura. Right now, he has ten and he has to make two more.

He still had a long time to prepare. Mr. Kimura still needs to see his works and if he will like them, he will be with him and his works in the exhibit.

The truth is, he has eleven works, but the other one is very personal to him. It was too special for him and no one had ever seen it aside from him.

The style of the painting is abstract but if you will look at it carefully, you will notice that in the middle of it was a face of a man that is none other than Rush.

Lake feels like the people will recognize that face even if what he thinks seems impossible.

In that painting is where he put all his hidden emotions for the older man. And it feels like what was in his heart will be known if someone saw it.

Lake carefully placed the paintings that are covered by white paper in his car. His target really was to get out of the house early to avoid being seen by his mother. She will surely get mad at him if she saw what he was busy about. Thank the heavens and Leina usually wakes up late to go to their company.

Since his father's death, Leina took his place as the CEO of their company while Lottie has her own flower shop. He did not want to work in his father's company because he wants to prove something to himself first.

When he finally passed the gate of their house, Lake let out the breath that he'd been holding. He passed the subdivision's gate when his car's engine started to screech at him.

"Oh, no, not again," He nervously muttered.

He closed his eyes when the roaring sound and the movement finally stopped. The only thing he seemed to be lucky about is that he, at least, managed to direct it by the sidewalk.

"Oh, please, not right now. Don't do this to me, please." Lake wanted to cry.

Of all the days that his car chose to disappoint him, it had to be now. He went out of the car and opened the hood.

He just stared at it because he doesn't know what to do with it. His father had always been the one to fix his car. And since his father died, his car didn’t rebel too much, as if it knows that the person fixing it is already gone. So why now all of a sudden?

"Hey, what's wrong with you, buddy? Why now?" Lake asked his car as if it will answer him.

He really needs to bring his car to a car repair shop to end his problem. Talking to it there will obviously not solve anything.

"Lake, what's wrong?" He heard someone ask him.

When he turned around, he saw Rush getting out of his car. He probably just got out of the subdivision too, where they're both residing, but just, their house was far from each other.

Lake faced the engine again. Gosh, how do I look? Gee, I know I'm a mess.

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