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Chapter 7 Walking Out
Words Count: 1108    |    Released on:08/12/2021

Lake's face felt hot. If Rush was trying to make him feel uncomfortable, he was succeeding.

"And because you don't want to talk to me properly. When I asked you questions, your answer is so short like you're allergic to me. This is better." Rush said, still grinning.

Lake looked down at his fingers at the same time that the waiter came back with their orders.

"Okay, I'll talk to you. But stop staring at me." He said when he lifted his head again.

"All right. Shoot."

"A-Are you staying f-for good?" He cursed himself for stammering.

Rush laughed. "Hey, you're stuttering again. Why?"

Instead of answering, he just focused on his food. Maybe, it would be better if he just ignores Rush. After all, he can't match him.

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