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Chapter 4 The One That Got Away

Word Count: 1254    |    Released on: 08/12/2021

yes again. He w

ssed without him thinking about this


standing in the doorway with quizzical brown eyes was indeed Rush Braylen. The m

smiling wi


even say


g? Did you know that I've been waiting for you her

is cerulean eyes were wide with surpri

atch flies."

outh. He felt his face gett

-doing h-here?" H

one? Why are you stuttering again now? Don

nter the house but

til now. Didn't you missed me, Lake?" Rush as

his place. Like before, he leaned his

et back home? Where did you go?" Rush's s

mewhere," Lake

our of the night. You know that it's not

just arrived. We will talk some other time." Rush gave way to him,

ked out the door. Instead of closing it,

oodnight'." Rush said smiling and turn


the door. He still can't believe that the man standin

t towards his room when he remembered t

d. He looks good. He is more handsome than ever. He looks like a

out a dee

nvisioned him to be.. successfu

big brother? It looks like Rush is already successful in the States while you s

like him. I heard from Aunt Reena that a lot of b

t fancy Rush. You're the only person who thinks t

ebrow at him. He knows tha

ever be good enough for Ru



n't like me now," he sadly said to the stuffed toy

't know why his admiration towards the older boy did not disappear. Maybe because

s and candies, although he tells him

dn't give up on believing that Rush car

er boy went to New York. That's why Rush'

all him a friend. But just knowing that Rush was there for him gives him a sense

, Lake felt like he

Rush went back to London after graduating from

etting his MBA, Rush went back to New York to accept a

ascinated with roads and bridges and dams. Then as years passed, his growing preoccu

about Rush because he never l

ncy firm based overseas. It was slowly gaining a good reput

his consultancy firm had three branches by now: one in New York

gone so far now. It's impo

self. How can I fall in love with a m

head of the financing department of one of the biggest companies in London. And finally, an

, said the other

alled achievements were n

eelings to disappear when he left because then, he won't see him

id say he was grown-up but he told it in such a way that i

ust how much. Oh, why did you have to come home? When I don't h

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