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Chapter 5 Can We Not Divorce

Word Count: 740    |    Released on: 20/07/2023

rs welled up in her eyes, a novel ki

enderness from Tyrone during t

e in the thought that thi

herself were so believable

s tenderness, but it was d

but he didn't recognize it as he

ve returned. What w

tears on Sabrina's face. Sabrina rushed into the bed

nst the closed door, her thr

tears blurring her vision and rolling

ed painfully. It

od the challenges of growing up in a single-parent

r baby to have a j

uide her in thi

ousekeeper gently knocked on the bedroom d

"Okay" and went to the b

remembered the mes

g a present back fro

ld the g

s luggage an

signed by her

m of gold or a p

ed the record

warmth spread

er preferences and thoug

il as miserab

next morning, Sabrina discovered an empty sp

dge of the bed,

pent the night

have expe

he still feel

brina pale and distant, sitting on the bed. He sat next to her, his

winge of happiness at the sight of


l h

im? That she was agains

nd the night with Galilea, could they be

pursuing a divorce if

ff. "Even after our divorce, I will remain your

Sabrina's throat, le

rcing a smile. "I'm fine, really. Go ahead d

a. "We aren't divorced yet, Sabrina. Are you intending t

swallowing her sorrow, a

sh to talk, I won't pressure you

de out of the room

aving Sabrina alone

he upse

ards her mounting beca

smile like a mask


he room. "Ms. Chavez, Darl

e role of spokesperson for the new seasonal

ecognition from the public, making her a perfec

s the

se anything, insisting

the phone. "H

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