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Chapter 4 His First Love

Word Count: 683    |    Released on: 20/07/2023

a felt an overwhelming sor

ilea off to meet his friends the

t still belonged to he

a was left

, only the Blakely famil

g occasional encounters, everyone acquiesced that s


in the garage, puzzled at

rs, ignoring his words, and prompt

t bring her emo

ly respite was buryin

plan to Tyr

mary curt response. "Approv

a typed back "Understood" and

a text from Tyrone. "I'm occupied t

pain radiating from her heart. She typ

senior manager in Blakely Group, he would alwa

ys, he had been dismissing

t he had been bus

y business trip. It slipped my mind to hand it over.

ed with a sim

familiar sting of irritation. He reclined in

announced Kyson Miller, Tyrone's

Sabrina overheard some ch

ted Mr. Blakely his gi

e that she h

he looks like Ga

way! Hasn't she be

lakely make qu

eone spotted her

ossiping and greete

ssionate tone, Sabrina responded,

yet fraught with urgency. Her eyes bore the red ting

r fear of confronting a

e to the compan

Was he even aware that sh

esumed, though now focus

o intimidating, just like Mr. Blakel

unded. "Ms. Chavez is

ather pressured Mr. Blakely's father into adopting

old yo

ations depart

s. Chavez is q

Sabrina buckled her seat belt.

he had selected for him tha

fectionately, engaged in conversation with him. Tyrone tilted his head slig

ly jostled his ar

gentle smile, seemi

first love h

onned made Sabri

in celebration of th

it on a date wit

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