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Chapter 12 12 - Tough Luck.
Words Count: 1179    |    Released on:07/06/2022

“You think I'm kidding?” I asked coolly, trying all I could to look tough and not give myself away of how scared I suddenly felt. “Let them all go now, before I involve Sheriff Palsby. You very well know what shit went down the last time he came running.” I added that subtle threat hoping it'd bug him a little.

He was neutral at first, but then when he took a step forward and I saw the menace burning in his irises, I suddenly realized that I was the one in fact getting threatened. His eyes were black and void; an empty space filled with doom and anger threatening to pull me underwater. I strengthened my stand and tightened my fists, raised my chin up to him defiantly. Crap, this was happening. I was standing up to Lordee Adams once again.

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