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Chapter 2 2 - Hot Devil.

Word Count: 1591    |    Released on: 27/05/2022


the way to Su

ll’s boyfriend for bei

done. Shit. Shit. SHIT! The hunk of a man sprawled in front of my jalopy, eyes closed and unmoving didn’t leave any room


xico and change my name to Rico, I reluctantly got out of the car and trudged to the body still

re a chance he would live if I rushed him down to th

elations between teachers or allowing their spouses to visit the school premises but she allowed her boos to walk the school pro

h younger. He fell out of pattern for Principal Churchill’s preference for sexy, old baldi

ocks that fell over his eye

Principal Church

no…” I chante

d over with my full back on the interlocked floor. Strong, capable hands struck out on

not making this shit up. Wild, blonde, shiny hair styled back into a low, neat bun, piercing blue eyes and the lean muscled body of a sex god. I probably should be sued for noting the warm press of his manhood against mine and the electricity that contact left me with but it wasn’t really my fault. Besides, I’d known I liked cock for some time now so that should be a good enou

ide of my face. He hummed softly as he bit on my earlobe, nibbling it aggressively in such a way tha


et at the speed of lightning. Wha

sweat, slim dark denim, and high-top shoes that cost more than me and my dad’s old jalopies put together and looked so expensive and tasteless you just knew Louis Vuitton personall

thank goodness. Otherwise, I might really be t

noyed. His goddamn face exploded into a sly grin as he held up my glasses. I sighed in frustration as I marched up to retrieve

ns rigid and nose flaring. He pursed

alopy now and shifting my gaze to his arm on the old, crumpling

an. Hand over my glasses or yo

thers briefly. A thrill spread from my lips down to my ever-excited cock pushing against my boxers with all its migh

ck, I’m

his warmth hit me like a tidal wave as he reached out to cup my cock t

as though to shake off the pleasure.

o rub his perfect six-pack, stretching lazily and yawning at the same time.


alone and trying my best to conjure up a picture of my Grandma in

” He kneeled down and swiped his tongue at my cock standing tall and erect and at full attention given Ryan’s a

ed making teaching a career. There was no way we’d come across each other physically and this was the first time I was setting my eyes on

anted to b

ng a lie to facing the truth head-on. My body wanted Ryan. Badly. Since the minute I saw his Pretty Boy face in that picture in his mother’s office. I could allow him to lead me to the back of my jalopy

respectable teacher with a commendable m

onto the gold anchor neckl

is hand up in objection. “So, I caused that.

deflate a boner by myself.” I spat at h

undermining my manhood and in very true Sammy Cartwright fashion, I turned around and walked stra

he grabbed me by the waist and spun me ba

him just by being in his arms.

is is

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