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Chapter 4 4 - Twisted Tale.

Word Count: 1085    |    Released on: 27/05/2022

o most of the egoistical, wealthy, and entitled teenagers in the world with bank accounts larger than the whole of America. Backed by Principal Churchill's threat to have me fired, the st

as in, doing whatever crap they wanted in class

rincipal Churchill and her darling son

tized to be that calm. Knowing fully well that this might be some ploy, I went along with whatever they had in mind, glad that for once I didn't have to b

w, their presence eliciting a kind of invisible blanket to lull the normally noisy students to a state of an uncomfortable calm. I was shaken up, brain fuzzy wit

that W

but that would only help in fanning Principal Churchill

my knees weak. Gesturing towards the door and turning to look

as taken by a storm, one which Principal Churchill didn't acknowledge but was very well aware of. She seemed more concerned rat

ed up at him reluctantly for clarifications. He seemed to be taking this a lot calmer


let us troop in before her. I felt her eyes bore into my neck like lase

eats for guests while I was too troubled to move. Th


ced a hand on my kneecap underneath the desk in comfort

any chance have any

dn't breathe but someho

g a scolding and risking a potential job loss. Her office, with its achromatic furnitu

, she closed her eyes and exhaled. "The incident that

e, my shoulders sagged. It w

n. I was terrified, though I'd resigned myself

and my family up. But this time, it

ft of a rotten career. She stood up in a flash too, leaned forward, and shoved me back into the chair. I

as Ryan's blatant silence, as though he was a mere

saw you crossing, hence why he ran you over. It might look irresponsible of him to drive off without checking to see if you were okay, but you've got to understand that he just turned eighteen.

sate you for the inconvenience as well. I'll be damned if I let one stupid mistake ruin my son's reputation he so

awling his eyes out and spewing out his twisted version of what happened at the parking lot. He knew

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