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Chapter 6 6 - Reckless Abandon.
Words Count: 1855    |    Released on:27/05/2022

Ryan suddenly became rigid, his stare potent enough to nip my neck in half as he crooned in a somewhat robotic voice. “Because,” he said slowly, his soft pink parting as he drank me in. “It's my wish to fuck a male teacher before I go play for NHL, and you Mr Samuel... you're the chosen one.”

Stunned, surprised, confused, all but morphed into one dangerous feeling that clawed at my guts, pooled in between my quivering thighs and sparked in my glassy eyes. I was beyond mad.

Scooting my chair backwards blindly, I loomed over him with a sneer that contrasted with the sheer delight in his eyes on how his revelation had riled me up so bad. It took all I had in me not to punch him on the face right there. “My deepest apologies, Sir Ryan.” I managed in the calmest tone I could muster yet I could tell he could hear the rage rippling underneath. “I haven't enough brain cells to understand exactly what you're driving at, but to the best of my knowledge it seemed you're looking for every opportunity possible to not get into NHL and make your mother pay a lot more money to keep my pretty mouth shut.”

Now it was his turn to stand and seethe his teeth at me. Despite the height and age difference, I shrank back down onto my seat while he followed me hotly, leaning ever forward with a lopsided smirk etched on his pretty little lips. There was no denying it, he had more power over me than I originally thought and he so damn well knew it.

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