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Chapter 9 9 - Rough Gentleman.
Words Count: 1651    |    Released on:27/05/2022

The next week at school was unbelievably too good to be true. The students were so well behaved and attentive that I realized I'd underestimated the influence of my new fuck-buddy. He'd obviously spread the word around not to mess with Mr Cartwright, and to think he wasn't even a student here. No one was smart enough to ask why, not even Mummy Dearest who was avoiding me like the plague. Everyone naturally assumed Ryan wanted to make me happy because he ran me over at the parking lot.

No one ever suspected that we were running each other over in our free time. It became like a routine each day; school, home, fuck. School, home, fuck.

I taught all my classes then ensured I left the office last. Apart from office work, Ryan kept me distracted with his haunty form poised at the door, his smile bewitching as he teased me to blow him or for us to do a missionary position. Each time, I reminded him of the implications of getting caught on school grounds but his persistence erroded my insistence and I'd find myself moaning unshamed on the table, ass up in the air as he fucked me to oblivion, talking dirty and nibbling my earlobe like I was his fucking last meal.

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