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Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince

Author: Dark Knight
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Chapter 1 Slave

Word Count: 1019    |    Released on: 16/02/2022


you know what time is it now

was not even five o'clock in the morning yet. I rubbed my throbbing

lf was block

nose and snapped, "Today is the Alpha Ceremony. Why a

thing and just l

I spent the entire night cleaning up the co

g there? Go finish all you

, turned around, and

the rack. Shawn Gibson was turning eighteen today, and he was going to take over the

ng outside when I finish

ound, and it was always damp and cold. I wrapped my tattered cotton-padded

in the hall. After the Alpha Ceremony, all the guests woul

s with a rag when a s

a's daughter. She was wearing a black mermaid dress, a

de," I sa

his is? You don't deserve to come here at al

ou are goi

u even angrier." Cherry flipped her long curly hair and sneered. She glared at

f swill and poured it on the stairs in front

With a vicious smile on her face, Cherry crossed her arms o

down. But of course, I wouldn'

sionlessly and immediately picked up t

ated her. The corners of Cherry's mouth t

temptuously and walked away. The click-cla

et go of the tears I had been holding back. In

are for a pack to have a female Beta even in history. She was capabl

f her heart. She spoiled me and treated me like a princess. When I was young, I tried to ask her about my father. However, she wa

My kind and powerful mother was framed for ki

ir loss of their Alpha and Luna. As a result, they made me the lowest slave in the pack and gave me endless

head down. I had to finish cleaning up this place before the guests arr

I will always be by your side." My

ne. I'm lucky that you're

ide from me, you will also m

and I still haven't met him yet," I s

e. Sometimes I couldn't help thinking if she had had a mate to accompany her, she might h

ay be somewhere else," Yana comforted me soft

. I still haven't proven

my heart like a boulder. So before I left



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