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Chapter 4 Attacked

Word Count: 752    |    Released on: 16/02/2022


took the initiative to reject u

d to be that disgusting playboy's mate?" I

wn is out of our worries now. That'

on't think so highly of the m

. Perhaps the second mate lined up for you b

? Oh, I hope

idering that I was still trapped down here, who w

y emotions and decided

d to face, may it be thorns and blood, I knew I had to forge on for

, I couldn't have one minute of silence for mysel

ng and slacking off all this time?" She picked up a broom

traction. "Shawn's looking for you. So

ely stopped in her tr

om and scolded me a little more before leaving me alone. "Prince Rufus is coming to the ceremony today. G

s coming today, I got an idea. Ma

pse of him. Unfortunately, the guards stopped me at the

in the corner and

e-wolves who were going to

irsty tyrant. One time, he took a female slave to b

e's powerful, but very heartless. Even the

come today, but it just so happened that Prince Rufus was passin

have been better to have Prince Richard here. He's the gentle and approa

Prince Rufus showed up while you w

th guilty expressions. When they saw me st

What are yo

wed to be here? Ge

m, turning around. That kind of

. He sounded just like Shawn, who was disgusting and had no regard for other people's lives.

throwing away the ide

to leave, several were

want?" I caut

em and stepped back, but

sharp pain on the back of my head. Right afte



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