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Sweet Submission: Reclaiming Her Love

Sweet Submission: Reclaiming Her Love

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Chapter 1 I Am Getting Married

Word Count: 852    |    Released on: 05/06/2024

the skin of Elliot Andrews' back. Her body was dren

bit down, her eyes fluttering as her hips bucked against his. A moment later, she loos

the warmth of Elliot's body far

stood up. He grabbed the gray robe hang

e when he spoke, but his tone was

d. Corynn was rudely jolted out of the afterglow of the intimacy they

Elliot added before s

es, which had been bright with passion and desire a few min

lovemaking, and here Elliot was, breaking up with her

vior was true to his natu

hould have k

together, Coryn had never really man

rst. At the end of the day, when the chips

d the bitter taste that rose in her tongue. It wasn't easy, but she d

r exhaling a smoke ring. "My family has been good friends with her

side to keep from looking at him. Her should

will compensate you for your time. Just name

elling my b

now, but I intend to be fair. I don't want any loose ends, either. Just ta

not selling my body. I do

on't be unreasona

but really, she did this all to herse

and delusional to believe it. She slept with him on the same night that they met. He had never explicitly acknowledged

he had become the exception to his rule. It turned

at he had turned away from her as well

way and took a deep breath, only to feel a sudden wave of nausea.

d followed her. "

xperiencing this for the past two days, but she dismissed the symptom,

iot's question, her h

lly pregnant,

tered her fantasies before she

with it immediately. I don't w

say that. Ever the

essary. I already went to the hospital ye

"Are you saying you won

this has nothing to do with you. Your weddi



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Chapter 100 Be A Good Girl
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