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The alpha's twins (Finn and Quinn)

The alpha's twins (Finn and Quinn)

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An accidental one night stand with the Alpha of a rival pack which left her pregnant turns Emily from the joy of her pack the most hated member of the pack. She is banished from the pack with her unborn child and forced to flee to Manchester with her best friend. Flynn never wanted to find a mate and all he was interested in was taking the pleasure he could find in one night stands which was why he never gave a second thought to the girl who made his heart race the only time he fucked her. Five years later, after her son is kidnapped, Emily and Flynn reunites in the most unexpected way imaginable. Will this reunion and his unexpected child be reason enough for Flynn to change his mind about soulmates? How would they fight their way through the odds that threaten to destroy their little family only when they just found each other?

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE


The sting from the alcohol in my cup hit the back of my throat causing it to burn. “Urgh!!..” I grunted as I swallowed another shot.

My body found itself moving to the beat of the music being played in the background of the room.

I was happy. Of course I should be, I was at the after party for my high school graduation. Everyone was excited that I was number one so they didn’t hesitate to come out just for that reason.

My father didn’t like the idea of the party but then who cared, I was a teenager, you don’t expect me to sit down at home like some kind of old widow while my friends enjoyed their youths. Never, I had to be part of the fun.

I screamed as the music hits hard. I could feel the pair of eyes watching me in reminder that I was supposed to behave.

“Argh! Philip” I moaned mentally as I remembered I got to be here in the first place.

Because I was able to convince dad I would be reasonable? Well no, the truth was Philip. He was the only reason I was here.

The only reason father let me out of the house was because Philip was going to be here.

Philip Conner. Just saying his name makes my skin crawl and unluckily enough for me I had to get married to that man when I turn 19, which I did a few days ago.

Father has been talking about this marriage thing nonstop, why? I don’t even like the man. He was handsome, Yes. A lot of my classmates wanted him, forget classmates. Some teachers but I don’t just get it at all. Every time I look at his face I felt like stabbing him across the face.

But he had an added advantage, I mean, I was here in the party regardless of whether my dad liked it or not. I could feel his eyes watching me like a hawk.

I wasn’t allowed to drink as much as I wanted just because I was under his supervision.

Instantly, I made a plan with my friends Ryan and Karan to lose him and we did. In a matter of minutes, I started stuffing my face with alcohol and ignoring the burn that came along with it.

After stuffing my face with alcohol, I hit the dance floor but then I could no longer see any one clearly, It felt as if the ground started moving or was it spinning?

In my own opinion I think I was drunk or maybe I was just about to feel sick because of the too many glasses I had.

I walked along the corridor when I managed to get out of the room, trying to find a bathroom.

Trust me, my mouth could no longer hold in whatever was about to come out from it.

I could still hear the music from the party but it became faded telling me I was going far away from it.

I began to wonder why? Why I couldn’t find the bathroom in this large club which was in a big hotel.

“Here you are!” a deep voice spoke from behind as the man grabbed me by my waist and before my mind could process it, my feet were off the floor, I was lifted onto his shoulders.

I didn’t even have the strength to fight because my tummy was so upset to the point and that it felt like my intestines were about to come out.

I was being carried, Yes! I was.

My mind told me everything that was going on, as though I couldn’t see. I was placed on a soft shoulders, I smiled without knowing the reason, once again I blame the alcohol.

I could hear the opening of a door and I was carried into a room.

“The bathroom” I muttered and I think the Angel heard me. He was dressed in a white suit and he actually carried me into the bathroom.

I let myself go, it felt as though my brain was about to come out of my mouth, he patted me gently on the back.

“Are you good?” I could hear his voice in my ears.

I rested my head on the toilet sit and I couldn’t quite figure out what or who this angel was, as everything was still spinning.

He placed his hands on my face, they were cold. For some weird reason his eyes were the only thing I seem to see clearly, they were blue. As blue as the sea and it felt like the more I looked into them the more I got lost.

There was something about him I just couldn’t put my finger on, he was drunk as well, I could tell. He also battled his way to stand up straight which made me wonder how he could carry me from the corridor into this room without us falling to the ground, he placed his hand on the wall to support himself up.

“You are also drunk?” I voiced with a chuckle.

“I agree but not as you, at least I could walk on my own two feet” he replied pulling me from the bathroom ground.

I didn’t want to leave, Philip never made me feel this way or was it the alcohol that was talking?.

I could feel myself landing on something soft and him on top of me, he had dimples and I could see them clearly, his strong scent. It was divine, I wanted to drown in it.

Our eyes came in contact again, before my mind and body could process what was happening I felt his soft lips on mine and that was the last thing I could remember.

The next morning, I woke up with my phone ringing and a terrible headache that struck me in the head, reminding me of the amount of alcohol I had drank at the previous day.

I didn’t even want to be up but the strong arms around my waist caused me to be alert.

My eyes were fully open that I turned to the stranger who I had shared the bed with last night and the rush of regret slapped me, hard. Harder than the hangover I was having.

I could see myself lying naked in bed with no other than Lycan Flynn of the Blood Moon pack.

I was dead meat!.

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