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Mr. CEO Loves Me a Million Times

Mr. CEO Loves Me a Million Times

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Emma Jones said if she had known that this man who was amazingly handsome would have such a horrendous identity ... She would rather die than say something mean to his sensitive part: “Diameter 1.8 meter? Go home to cry.” What should she do now? This demon-like man wanted to be her lover ... ... Aaron Black, the man holding the lifeblood of the world's finances. He shook his feet, the world economy would shake three times. He was as handsome as a god, and as evil as a demon, vicious, elegant, and utterly decisive, the world was in his control. However, this emperor-like man got fascinated about this little orphan girl, he loved her and spoiled her as much as he could...

Chapter 1 Met a Good-looking Man

Summer rain always came so suddenly.

Emma Jones walked out of the cemetery alone and was soaked by surprise.

Her slender figure ran in the rain towards the bicycle parked on the side of the road.

The black, shiny, waist-length hair was soaked in rain and draped wetly against her back.

The bangs on her forehead obstructed her vision, so she raised her hand and moved them aside. Then a pair of clean and clear eyes appeared and looked slightly reddish...

Today was the day of her mother's death for ten years, and it was also her birthday.

On her 10th birthday, her mother committed suicide in depression.

The reason was that her beloved husband had an affair with another woman.

What a frustrating reason! For a man who didn't love her and betrayed her, she hastily ended her life at only 32 years old.

Emma Jones recollected that year and could not help but sigh heavily.

She felt pity for her mother.

At that time, her mother was a beautiful woman famous in the whole town. She was gentle, elegant, and was not inferior to those ladies and celebrities of magnificent families.

Many people were courting her, but she finally chose Carl Jones, a selfish and irresponsible man.

According to Emma Jones's memory, no man could be even worse than her dad Carl Jones.

He beat his wife for his mistress, abused his daughter for his mistress's son, and even didn't show up when his wife, who had married him for twelve years, was forced to commit suicide.

This kind of man was definitely the worst scum!

The tears, along traces of the falling rain, wet her cheeks.

Biting her lip deeply and pedaling her bicycle vigorously, Emma Jones struggled to vent her sadness and anger which had filled her heart.

But suddenly...

A black car roared past her, the water on the road was splashed, and Emma Jones was caught by the water all over...

Unprepared, she was taken to the ground by the screaming wind whirled by the car.

The wind raised the end of her skirt, and somewhere of her left leg was hurt in this accident, exposing a finger-wide wound...

As the red blood ran out, her face turned pale with pain.

"Asshole, are you looking down on a biker? You are proud of driving a luxury car, huh? Watch out for a flat tire!"

Emma Jones covered her wound and shouted angrily.

It was so annoying.

She was riding to the far side, almost against the guardrail, and the rushing car could still even knock her down...

If she had ridden a little closer to the middle of the road, would she have been hit to fly out long ago?

She couldn't help but think that this person who drove a luxury car was too uneducated and arrogant.

Hiss, it hurt!

Seeing the wound could not stop bleeding, Emma Jones panicked deeply.

She was in the middle of nowhere, what if she kept bleeding?

A dazzling light came in to her eyes and shot straight at her pale white face, making her eyes narrow.

"Are you all right?"

The sound was cold and magnetic as if it were vintage wine, which sounded intoxicating.

"Don't..." Emma Jones looked up...

When she glanced at the black luxury car that hurt her, the word "worry" was swallowed back in time.

Staring at the cold man under the black umbrella, she pointed at her bloody knees: "Look at my bloody leg, do you think it is all right?"

Just after that, she was stunned ...

The man in front of her was so handsome!

The man stood three meters away from her, holding a black umbrella in his hand. He was elegant and poised, but cold and indifferent.

The shattered black hair blown by the wind covered his forehead and embellished his deep eyes like a splash of ink-like, dazzling night.

His eyes were very dark, like the sea that could never be seen the bottom, which was so dreary and frightening, and the bottom of the eyes gleamed with glittering light of wisdom.

His face was chiseled, the facial features were superb, and the dignity was perfect.

The whole person was as handsome as a deity and full of tempting magic.

The man's cold glamour eyes looked down, and he overlooked her with an unpredictable expression, said, "You sound so energetic, then it seems you are all right."

What the hell!

Should she lie on the ground and let out more air than that she breathed in?

Though he had a handsome face, he was so evil!

Emma Jones rolled her eyes silently, "Hey, are you going to run away?"

If he dared to answer yes, she would definitely...

Emma Jones raised her fist highly to threaten the man.

In the dark glamorous eyes of Aaron Black, her act was not threatening, but a bit silly and cute.

"Why should I run away?" Aaron Black murmured.

Such a pair of ink-tinted charm eyes slightly narrowed, and he secretly looked Emma Jones up and down.

He found this girl whose voice was soft and cute unexpectedly delicate and beautiful.

Her soft black hair was wet by the rain and lay on her face, reflecting the delicate little face to be so beautiful and cute.

She had a pair of wide eyes with thick and long eyelashes, and the pupils were dark, clear and moving.

Her eyes were red, so obviously she had cried just now...

The shape of her lips was very beautiful, and her lips showed healthy pink. They were moist and shiny, just like a ripe peach, which was seductive.

Her skin was very light, and her white skirt was wet from the rain and pressed tightly against her body.

She had exquisite curves, and there was a charm in her innocence.

Aaron Black put away his gaze, and his deep eyes looked deeper and deeper, just like the deep sea under the night, which was out of reach.

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