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Invalid Divorce

Invalid Divorce

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Lori Sterling had fallen in love with a powerful young master, Clifford Gates, who regarded her both his beloved and be-hated. After Clifford had left her alone at their wedding, Lori escaped from the city where she lost her heart. Four years later, when Lori came back to city again, she was single-minded about her career as a Business Queen and totally put Clifford behind. However, Clifford becomes the one who was jealous of all the men who appeared around her! It’s his turn to run after her. The arrogant boss, Clifford Gates, and the bullish business queen, Lori Sterling. Who will conquer the other?

Chapter 1 Wedding without a Bridegroom

The rainy weather in May always brought a drizzle of sadness to every corner of the city.

The most luxurious Crown Hotel in Winston City was booked today. The parking lot outside was infested with various luxury cars. The scene was as attractive as a large-scale car exhibition. Lines of bodyguards in black maintained order and protected everyone in the venue. As soon as an outsider tried to draw close, he would be immediately asked to leave!

Everyone was curious about the upcoming grand scene, although they knew about the theme today. Clifford Gates, the only heir to the Gates Group, was going to marry Lori Sterling, the lady from the Sterling Family.

The grand wedding was covered by all major newspapers, magazines, and headlines. Some commented it as extravagant, and others took it for granted. Anyhow, all of them were envious!

They admired the Gates Group for its great fortune and Clifford for marrying such a pretty woman!

The largest banquet hall was furnished as the indoor venue for the grand wedding today. Under the lights, the pink veils, ball-flowers, and crystal ornaments reflected the dreamiest colors. On the large wedding photo, the bridegroom looked down at the bride gently. When the guests passed by it, they couldn't help but discuss with each other.

The wedding would start in ten minutes. In the venue, people chatted with each other with thoughtful smiles, but behind the stage, there was no joy at all!

Because the bridegroom still hadn't shown up!

In the dressing room, Lori was wearing a white wedding dress that represented innocence. At the sight of the perfect woman in the mirror, she forced a smile, but her hand was grasping a cell phone tightly, which betrayed her anxiety!

Why hadn't he come? It was just ten minutes to go. Why?

The phone suddenly rang!

But the call was hung up immediately after she answered it! It was like a game of ridicule!

Eight, five, three minutes to go...

When the music was played, everyone darted his glance at the entrance, where the spotlight was cast! To their surprise, the bridegroom didn't show up with the bride!

"What's going on?"

"Yeah, where's the groom?"

"Who knows? Could it be that the groom is reluctant and runs away from the wedding?"

"Miss Sterling is so pitiful!"

"Nah, why would she? The Gates Family is rich and powerful. If she marries into the family, she will be a phoenix on the throne, commanding everything."


Lori clutched a bouquet of white camellia with one hand and a white cell phone with the other. She walked the red carpet that was sprinkled with red rose petals. Amid the music and mocking voices, she tottered slowly towards the priest ...

While she was in a trance, her phone suddenly rang, and she held it up out of instinct. As soon as she saw the caller ID, her face was finally no longer that pale.

No sooner had the call been answered than the other party beat her to speak!

"Lori, I'll never go to that wedding. If you want to get married, guess what, the bridegroom will not show up! Since you long for marriage, I grant your wish! Only, you will suffer in the tomb of marriage alone!"


Four years later!

At 10:30 a.m., an international flight landed in the airport of Winston City.

In the first-class cabin sat a woman with a delicate face. Keeping her eyes closed, she looked very painful.

"Miss, Miss, the plane has landed. You can get off now!"

The pleasant voice of a flight attendant came into her ears. Noticing her painful look, the flight attendant wondered if she was not feeling well and thus asked.

"Miss, are you alright?"

Following a silent sigh, the woman opened her eyes under the inquiring gaze of the flight attendant. The corners of her mouth curving up, she replied, "Thanks, I'm okay!"

She raised her head for a glance out of the window. Winston City, here I was!

All these years, the dream of every woman was still a nightmare to her!

After getting off the plane, she headed outside down the VIP passage. From a distance, she saw a woman waving at her!

"Hey, here! This way!"

It was a pretty girl with short, neat hair. She walked up on ten-centimeter high heels in a floral dress and a beige windbreaker to greet the woman coming out of the VIP passage.

The woman had thick, seaweed-like, curly hair down to her waist. Under the large sunglasses, the outline of her face looked exquisite. She was wearing a white open-necked blouse and a black, V-necked, slim-fit, classic windbreaker. Under the coat's sleeve was a wide bracelet encrusted with diamonds on her wrist that looked incongruous to her style. Her legs exposed outside looked fair and well-proportioned, under which was seven-centimeter black high heels.

"Iron lady, finally you come back. I miss you so much! Come, let me check if you gain weight and your breasts develop!"

Like a tomboy, Clark Shaw grabbed and shook Lori's arm with a smile. Sizing the woman up with her crescent eyes, she commented, "Oh my, tell me, how did you preserve your body. Your figure is fantastic. Who would believe that you are already a mother? Guess what, you must treat me to dinner tonight!"

She took off the large sunglasses over her eyes with her slender fingers, unveiling a delicate face with no make-up on. Her porcelain skin looked exceptionally clean and elegant. A pair of cat's eyes looked bright with a hint of a smile.

Curling the corners of her mouth, Lori patted her best friend's hand and said nonchalantly, "Sure, but you need to provide me lodging. Tonight, I'm staying at your house!"

"What!" Clark widened her crescent eyes, "For real, Lori, are you kidding me? Winston City is your turf, and you are the lady from the Sterling Family. Your family owns such a big house, and you have so many properties. You don't stay in those houses, but mine?"

"What's the problem?" She put the sunglasses back on and moved her fair calves. While walking, she said, "If I don't stay in your house, you should welcome me to dinner and pay the bills!"

Paying for dinner mattered!

"You won!" Clark pouted and caught up.

She hadn't been back for over half a year, but the city remained the same. When they got in the car, Lori sighed inwardly.

"Your man seems to be doing a good job. Are you well-prepared for this trip back?"

"Heh... prepared or not, it makes no difference. I've been used to it!"

"Lori, you are such a fool!"

Tilting her head, she looked out of the window. It was all wet. She didn't want to but came back at last. Only she had no idea how long she would be tortured again...

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