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Chapter 9 You Were Not Qualified to Control Me
Words Count: 1881    |    Released on:26/01/2022

Emma Jones left Royal Asia Hotel and did not return to Jones's house immediately. She went to the park near Jones's house, found a quiet corner, and stayed there all morning.

Looking at the bougainvillea climbing upon and covering the corner, her tears finally fell down...

Damn life, damn power, damn scumbag, they should all die, die, die ...

Mack Smith, this scum!

Aaron Black, this bastard!

If both of them became unmanned, she would like to see how arrogant they would be, and what they would use to persecute women, hum!

For the whole morning, Emma Jones vented her anger in the corner of the empty park, and then she found that her mood was finally better...

She got up, patted the dust on the bottom, and went home ...

At Jones's Villa.

"Young master, you are back." Maid Susan looked at Mack Smith coming in. She smiled and greeted.

"Um." Mack Smith nodded coldly.

He gazed at the corner which located Emma Jones's room, and he saw the door locked as tightly as last night. His face was darkened: "Where is Emma Jones, is she back?"

"...the miss, she hasn't come back since last night." Seeing Mack Smith's emotion became worse, Maid Susan answered carefully.

However, Mack Smith was still enraged.

He stomped angrily at the vase in the aisle with a loud bang, and the slivers of the vase scattered on the ground.

"When she's back, tell me right away." After leaving the words coldly, Mack Smith turned to the second floor.

He entered the bathroom, squeezed his body into the bathtub, and allowed the warm water to drown his strong body.

It was supposed to be a moment of relaxation, but he couldn't relax at all.

In his mind, it was occupied by the scene of last night.

The Rolls-Royce, whose owner could not be found, troubled him so much.

What exactly was that person? With his underground strength, Mack Smith could not find any information about that person. No doubt, the power behind that person was absolutely formidable.

How did Emma Jones, who had a monotonous life, know such a person?

The most damn thing was that she hadn't returned all night after leaving with that man. Until now, she hadn't appeared.

What were they doing all night?

The thought of this question made him irritable to kill!

He got up from the bathtub. His suntanned skin glowed metallic luster in the mist.

The drops of water slowly dripped down with his black hair. His chest was strong, and the lower abdomen was tight. Even without inhaling, one could clearly see the six-pack abs.

The muscles were neither too hard nor too soft and demonstrated the masculinity and bodybuilding of the man just right.

He always paid great attention to bodybuilding, because Emma Jones once joked that she liked strong men.

Thinking of the culprit who didn't return for the whole night, Mack Smith's soft face suddenly darkened and was covered with haze and coldness.

His body was tight and naked, full of appalling hostility.

"Ding Ling Ling..." The intercom phone near the bathtub suddenly rang.

Mack Smith picked up the phone. From the other end, Maid Susan's voice trembled: "...young master, the miss has just returned. Now, she is in the room ... bathing."


After hanging off the phone call, Mack Smith went out of the bathroom covered by only a tower, heading towards the room belonging to Emma Jones in the corner of the first floor.

After assuring both the door of the room and windows were fast locked, Emma Jones held her home dress and pushed the door into the bathroom.

She had asked Maid Susan just now. Besides her, Mack Smith was also at home, so she had to be careful.

She did not take a bath but chose to take a shower.

Thus, it only took her five to six minutes to finish.

After getting dressed, she looked at the new dress and lingerie thrown into the laundry basket.

She reached out and intended to pick them up and throw them into the trash can, but she hesitated for a long while and finally stuffed them into the washing machine, pressed the button, and washed them.

She took the crystal hairpin from her hair, and her long black hair poured down, spreading softly around her waist. She looked into the mirror, which reflected her face clearly.

In the mirror, her complexion had returned to the healthiest state.

There was red hidden in her light skin, which made her look rosy and shiny, leaving no sick or pale looking after the fever.

Even the wound on the forehead became scabby.

These days, as long as she didn't eat dark-colored condiments such as soy sauce, she should not have scars.

She didn't know what kind of doctor Aaron Black had found for her last night. After only one night, the effect was so good!

Thinking of Aaron Black, she could not help but be upset for a while.

Pushing open the bathroom door, she went out.

However, just when she stepped out, she saw Mack Smith who she wanted to see the least and he frightened her.

"How could you get in?" She definitely locked the door.

When her eyes glimpsed that Mack Smith was with only a bath towel, her face suddenly became cold.

Her disgust was unabashed.

Was he a stallion in estrus?

He ran into her room without clothes. What a savage!

Mack Smith stepped over to her, shaking the key in his hand blatantly, "I opened the door and came in."

His eyes with evil charm kept focusing on Emma Jones.

Because she had just taken a shower, she was wearing simple home T-shirts and shorts. Her slender arms and straight long legs were exposed. Her light skin was in pink after the shower, and the air around seemed to be full of her fresh and pure breath. She was natural and soft, and even she was without any decoration, there was a slight charming in her purity.

It was not unreasonable that he was obsessed with her.

This fairly young girl had a mix of innocence and charming that made the man crazy the most. She formed her unique charm, which no one could imitate.

Emma Jones, under his hot eyes, couldn't help but shivered and got goosebumps. It was this kind of look again. She had had it enough.

Bastard, couldn't he stop looking at her with such eyes!

She stepped back a few more steps, trying to keep a distance from him. She stared fiercely at the key in his hand: "Where did you get the key?"

She remembered that this lock was a new lock that she asked a locksmith to change for her when nobody was home on the 17th of last month.

Except for the key she kept, spare keys were all locked in the drawer stood in the corner of the room.

Did Mack Smith come in and steal the key while she was away?

Mack Smith did not answer her.

The tall, strong figure approached her step by step. Thinking of her unique innocence and charm were most likely to be discovered by another man last night, the evil face instantly darkened, "Emma Jones, last night you did not come back, where did you go? "

The sound was cold and sharp, as well as aggressive.

As if as long as her answer did not satisfy him, she could be swallowed at any time.

Emma Jones was frightened by his gloomy and terrible complexion.

The face of him in front of her now overlapped with the figure when she was at the age of sixteen.

That year, she was almost raped by Mack Smith. Due to her desperate struggle, her body hit the broken vase, and her shoulders were severely pierced and bled heavily...

Then Mack Smith's movement stopped and she was safe...

Four years had passed and the wound left the scar, but the fear and shadow that fell on her heart, like this earthworm scar, could never disappear.

And at this moment Mack Smith, he...

Emma Jones's complexion turned pale, and her trembling paces receded tightly until her body was against the straight wall, and she could retreat to nowhere.

Behind her back was the cold wall. She gritted her teeth, and her eyes radiated a thin, hateful light: "That's none of your business. Mack Smith, I am not your pet, and you are not qualified to control ..."

Before she finished all her words, her small chin was grasped tightly by one hand.

The strength was so great that she frowned instantly.

Mack Smith looked at her becoming painful, his thin lips raised coldly: "Dare you to say that again!"

His gloomy black eyes stared at her coldly, and the bottom of the eyes was full of cold light.

Emma Jones frowned due to pain but did not succumb. She looked straight into his dark eyes, "Mack Smith, you are not qualified to control me!"

She would never flinch or compromise with this evil bastard!

How could she not know since she was always highly alert in front of Mack Smith's, the more she conceded and compromised, the more Mack Smith would make progress.

This wicked bastard man completely treated her as a spice of life, and teased her with everything, humiliated her, and pushed her bottom line step by step.

As long as she revealed a little bit of fear or compromise, she was afraid that the bastard would torture her even worse.

She wouldn't let him do it!

She hadn't been mature enough, and she didn't have much knowledge about sexual desire that her intense reaction not only couldn't make Mack Smith let her go but also deeply evoked the inferiority of the manhood hidden in his body.

The more she struggled, the more excited he would be ...

Mack Smith's face became darker and colder, "Emma Jones, I will prove it to you now whether I have the right to control you!"

The cold voice fell, and he leaned down, with cold and evil lips pressing to her ears.

The hot and dangerous breath spurted out onto her face, she got goosebumps in horror, and her thin body could not help shuddering.

"Mack Smith, what do you want to do? Get away, did you hear me, get away!" Because of agitation and resentment, there was hidden pale on her reddish face.

She raised her hand and grasped Mack Smith's hand which grabbed her chin. She struggled hard, trying to flee from his restraint, but was in vain.

There was a huge disparity between the strength of men and women, let alone Mack Smith was not an ordinary man, thus there was no way for her to get away from him.

Mack Smith's lips were getting closer to her, and when he was about to touch her, he stopped unexpectedly.

His dark and icy eyes stared at her snow-white back neck without blinking.

The insidious dark eyes seemed to be stimulated by something, and the pupils narrowed sharply.

Immediately, his evil face was distorted.

With a snap, he raised his hand suddenly and slapped hard on Emma Jones's cheek. "Emma Jones, you are so cheap!"

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