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Chapter 12 If You Wanted to See Your Grandma, Begged Me
Words Count: 1996    |    Released on:29/01/2022

If that glimpse seven years ago just aroused his possessiveness to own her...

Then in these seven years, this possessiveness was not as siimple as it had been at the beginning.

This paranoid love was mixed with too many complicated things, and even he himself could not understand鈥攚hy was he so attached to Emma Jones?

With his status, with his outstanding appearance, he had never lacked any kind of beauties...


Every time when he was with those beautiful women whose names he could not remember, Emma Jones always occupied his mind.

Her eyebrows crossed, her head thinking, her weeping silently, her stubborn and unyielding, all of these were like a spell, lingering in his mind.

Because of her, he felt like he was crazy.

Looking at Mack Smith's evil black eyes full of strong possessiveness and desire, Emma Jones widened her eyes in disgust, and the delicate little face was as pale as a piece of paper under the light.

She pursed her lips, trying to dispel the suffocating pressure, but for a long while, she couldn't make any sound.

In fact, she was only a 20-year-old sophomore. Even if she pretended to be mature and strong, she was still a young girl with little social experience.

Mack Smith's paranoid possessiveness and desire scared her.

Over these years, she had been angry, rebellious, crazy, and tolerant, but after she had tried all of these, she still could not reduce Mack Smith's possessiveness and desire for her even by half.

He was like a nightmare, waking her up with a start in countless midnight dreams, never leaving her alone.

She was really scared, and she stood still for a while, wondering how to deal with all these...

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