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Chapter 5 Felt Good
Words Count: 871    |    Released on:26/01/2022

The Rolls-Royce was moving steadily.

Emma Jones took a deep breath and looked up at the man sitting on the left side, smiling politely: "Thank you for saving me. I'm extremely ..."

Her voice stopped abruptly.

Emma Jones's eyes widened, and her pupils reflected the dignified and handsome silhouette of the man. She exclaimed surprisingly, "It's you?"

She was grateful for the sudden emergence of the luxury car that rescued her from Mack Smith in time.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be him!

Was it a coincidence? Or......

Inside the car, a faint cologne smell spread.

The man's straight legs overlapped, and the sunshine fell on his face through the open window seam. Bright as white jade, he was as beautiful as Satan, with superb grace.

Unlike the time when she met him on the cemetery road, he changed into a finely crafted suit at this time.

He wore a dark gray suit with a white shirt inside and no tie.

The shirt was buttoned up tightly, giving his dignified handsome beauty a taste of abstinence.

He sat there silently, as powerful as an emperor. He did not release his momentum deliberately but was born dignified and deterrent.

He looked at Emma Jones, whose face was with surprisingly rich expressions, and his deep charming pupils lightly condensed, and his thin lips with a good arc opened slightly: "Did I surprise you to save you?"

Certainly surprised!

She didn't know him. She had only met him once, and it was a very unfriendly meeting. Why did he save her?

Moreover, he appeared too timely, so she had to be aware of it.

Emma Jones could not help looking at him up and down suspiciously and suddenly found that her hand was still tightly held in his palm ...

His hands were slender, and his palms carried a thin layer of the cocoon.

The touch was a bit rough and slightly cool.

Emma Jones suddenly behaved like a frightened bunny and shook off the man's hand with a big reaction. "Uh, sir, you can let go of your hand ..."

She's been in the car for so long, and he was still holding her hand, was it proper?


She didn't get rid of him as expected but aroused Aaron Black's interest after this overreacting action.

He stretched her slender fingers, then arrogantly and forcefully inserted his fingers between each of hers. The ten fingers were intertwined, tightly interlocked, not allowing her to break open.

"It feels good." Aaron Black bluntly praised.

The praised Emma Jones was deeply distressed, and her feverish face became hotter.

"You, let go of me first!" She began to struggle, and at the same time yelled at the driver who was driving in the front, "Stop, please stop, I'm getting off here."

The driver who was driving did not respond.

The car was still moving quickly and steadily, without any intention of stopping.

"The car won't stop without my order." Aaron Black squinted lazily.

Looking at her struggling movement like a bunny, his elegant thin lips faintly appeared a shallow arc, which was captivating.

Emma Jones suddenly felt her brain heavier, and she did not know whether it was stimulated by the man or her fever became severer.

Looking at the handsome face of the mysterious man, Emma Jones had a sense of frustration as if she had just left the tiger's cave but directly entered the wolf's den.

However, compared with Mack Smith, she was more willing to face this strange man who she had only met once.

At least, she's not afraid of him!

She went all out, lowered her head, opened her mouth, and bit the man's wrist with a strong force, muttering vaguely: "Quickly...let go of your hand before I bite you hard."

"Hiss." Aaron Black let go of her hand and made a slight inhalation sound.

Not because of the pain, but he was surprised that Emma Jones dared to bite him. Since that incident, after he came back alive, Aaron Black had cast a terrible shadow in all eyes. Everyone awed him and feared him, and also secretly worshiped him...

In his world, everyone trembled at him, and he met those masks with flattering faces all day. Even if his heart was rocky, he would feel bored and uneasy.

When he had been living in the dark world for too long, he couldn't help but want to have dazzling sunlight.

And she...

This little girl acting so fiercely surprised him from the first meeting, like a crack in the dark world, or the dazzling sunlight which penetrated darkness unpreparedly.

She was not afraid of him!

When facing him, she treated him as he was an ordinary person, and dared to talk back and joke. This was a completely novel experience for him, making him tremble all over, irresistibly wanting to approach her, step by step...

The desire to own her, like the irresistible poppy, tempted and deeply eroded his cold heart.

The gloomy glamour eyes flickered enthrallingly and did not push her away. His dark eyes kept staring at her and said deeply: "Emma Jones, I will give you three seconds to loosen, otherwise, you will be at your own risk! "

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