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img img Romance img My Every Hue
My Every Hue

My Every Hue

img Romance
img 23 Chapters
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Author: Aria Dean
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Born without deficiency and full of love from her parents, Adeline Maynez grew up in a happy and colorful life. But what she thought was a lifetime of happiness and no-need-to-ask-for-more life was soon taken away from her abruptly. Although she may be smart, has uncountable talents, and is almost perfect in the eyes of others, her life has gradually lost its meaning after having an unknown condition called the Colorless Syndrome - a condition where someone's eye vision loses its color seeing ability. Alongside, Adeline was soon caught between her two pursuers whom she did not expect to be the two CEOs under the same company where she is working. Later on, a self-proclaimed healer has researched the Colorless Syndrome and how it can be treated, and it concludes that there is really no in-take medicine that can restore color to the vision of those experiencing the syndrome. The statement was: "It may sound fictional, but the color seeing ability of your eyes will only return to normal once you find your soulmate or true love. That is the cure, that is the reality and nothing else." Will there be any hope of bringing the beautiful colors back to Adeline's vision and life?

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