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Young Adult


My name is Jamie I'm 22 years old. I'm a college student that's a stoner. I have a brother and sister they are twins. When I was on my way home for vacation I found out

Mr President, We Meet Again! ,Cradle Reads

Mr President, We Meet Again!



Lin Wen Xin is a beautiful woman, born with elegant and distinctive features. There are countless men chasing after her love, but she has never accepted any one of them. She will always remember the promise that her first love made to her in high school, “Wait for me, you will be the only girl that I will marry!” Six years later, she was forced to marry the cold and ruthless billionaire president of DT Holdings, Wang Shen Ze. “Since she wants to play with me, I will play with her till the end. I will make sure that she will heavily regret her decision to marry me for the rest of her life!”

Sphaera A New World's Adventure,King's_daughter

Sphaera A New World's Adventure



Follow the adventure of Zizi; a normal college student who is thrust into a world of fantasy, adventure, curses and magic through one unexpected experience. Will she survive the trials she never even knew existed? Excerpt: The boy sat at the end of the hallway as she gingerly approached him, what was he doing there? "Henry" she called out hoping to garner his attention. The torturous sound of metal scraping on wood stopped abruptly as he slowly stood up. A small ray from the window glinted off the blade in his hand. She narrowed her eyes at it; Was that blood?

Every school has a bully.,Sadie Toba

Every school has a bully.

Young Adult


Teni,Melinda and Daniella, navigate through the hall ways of Peace Staff Secondary School,while facing identity crises, family drama, love lorning and rivalry.

The Stranger In My House ,Goldberg

The Stranger In My House



Rose Melody Jacobs is a 21-year-old student at NYU. She lost her father at a very young age and it traumatized her. Her life was a simple bubble before his death popped it open. She finds Love in Sterling Hunter. A love-struck 24-year old that longs after the heart of Rose. He has never been normal and yet his closest attempt to trying to date Rose was to stalk her. He felt like he couldn’t ruin things from a distance and it was better that way. At first the word “supernatural” made Rose burst out in fits of laughter, but after seeing it for herself; her whole perspective changed. Sterling Hunter, her imperfect boyfriend is a 100-year-old ghost from past. They try to make the relationship work but when other ghosts starts visiting them, including one of Sterling’s exes. It all starts to go to hell. Rose Melody Jacobs was looking for a mystery, and so fate brought her the biggest enigma of her life. Sterling Hunter. More secrets begin to unravel and Sterling begins to look more like a stranger every single day.

Mystery Of Why The Universe We Created Explodes,Minic

Mystery Of Why The Universe We Created Explodes



Drew and Kyle were best friends since they can remember. As being neighbors in a small town of Magnus Cove, they always spend their time together. Wherever they go, they always stick with each other, inseparable, they said. Drew, the older one of the two of them, invariably shows his protectiveness towards Kyle. Their closeness did something to Kyle. He took it more than just a friendly gesture. Pretty much more when he realized he fell in love with his best friend. That didn't sit well with him 'cause Drew was straight as an arrow. All the girls he had crushed on can prove that. He tried to stash it every time Drew shows affection and somehow it worked, not until Melissa entered the picture. The girl his best friend fell in love with. Drew was now spending more time with Melissa and Kyle didn't know how to change that. He craved Drew's attention, he just can't demand some time from him, he'll never do that. And if the two are being affectionate at Kyle's presence, he looked away, can't take the scene they're showing. How he wished it was him instead of Melissa. But this summer, he has a lot to worry about than his feeling towards Drew. Something unexpected happened that can change their whole life forever, especially Kyle. The summer they're both expecting something good and fun turns out not so good after all. Will their friendship remain the same when all those things will try to create havoc in the bond they have? They made a promise of growing up together. Will one of them cling to that promise? Or will the tight grip they held to that promise unfasten?

My Sunshine My Love,slyvian Kentaurus

My Sunshine My Love



"Edward Atticus" is a Handsome billionaire who loves to be in power. His dominant and Killing aura was feared by everyone around him. He likes to control everyone. Every woman will die for his one look. Do anything for his family. "Not POSSIBLE" is not in his dictionary. "Liliana Berk" is a sweet and Innocent girl. She cares for others than herself. Everyone loves her because of her childish nature. Have fear to love and get hurt. What will happen when these two different people meet each other? One is Demon other one is Angel! Will the theory of "Opposite poles attract each other" work between them or not?





Son, hurry up, run away! Hurry up while she's gone! ”Said manang Eding who was the maid in my mansion where SELLina is now… "But mom! What if Demon finds out I'm not there! ??? and what if he finds out you helped me escape, you'll definitely be kicked out of here mom, how about that? He might get hurt !!" he left the mansion while the old man pushed his back





I was overwhelmed when I saw the watch on my sidetable at 6:30 in the morning. I still have a job today and I'll be late for the first day. I immediately went into the bathroom. I can't do anything but hurry because I'm really late.

A Geeks' Choice,odiere_z

A Geeks' Choice

Young Adult


"Have you ever ran a race before?" He asked. "I once chased a chicken." She said. He laughed at the thought. He knew the end of that story, the chicken ended up chasing her--he was a living witness. »« Julia is academically strong not physically. She has taken the challenge in proving everyone wrong--that she can do the probable not impossible, even though Julia knows she can't. Judging people base on their stereotype's unacceptable. Will Julia be able outcome the bulling, and drama at her door? Slacking the shyster attitude in order to succeed, or just give up and go home.





Playing with jewels from the childhood the sadashivrao never realized the true meaning of beyond money grasps meaning......

My True Love For Him ❤️,Love_Shooting Star 💫

My True Love For Him ❤️



My True Love For HIM ❤ is a beautiful Love story, there are 6 lead characters and the first pair is of Shranav Oberoi and Myra Sharma. Myra is a sweet, shy and kind hearted girl who is bestfriend of Shristi and Samar Oberoi, she has a huge crush on her best friend elder brother Shranav Oberoi who is a great business man, but Shranav is in love with Shanaya Malhotra and wants to marry her. Later on when Myra gets to know that Shanaya Malhotra is not the girl which she shows and when she gets to see her real face she tries to stop Shranav from getting married to her, but instead of believing Shranav insults Myra hurts her and leaves her heart broken. Myra is so much hurt that she decides to leave everything and go away but she decides to prove herself innocent so she gathers all proof against Shanaya and shows them all to Shranav and leaves the Oberoi family with a broken heart. Shranav soon realizes his mistake and search for Mrya to ask her forgiveness.... Later after 5 years they both stumbled upon each other in London. With Shranav eager to get her forgiveness and confess his feelings and Myra who is having a small baby with her. Is it Shranav's baby? This story is also about Shristi Oberoi and Doctor Liam Anderson who will be Myra's good friend who she have met in London. Shristi will fall in love with Liam but Liam has a deep past hidden within himself. He is broken by the girl whom he loved deeply and was going to get engaged to Liam has changed he has become more cold towards other, and is an introvert The girl Liam loved will return after 8 years but with some twist and turns And soon Liam will realize his love for Shristi Oberoi. And, finally the last pair is of Samar Oberoi who is the heart of the Oberoi family will fall in love with Riyashi Mehra (PA of Shristi Oberoi who also happens to be Samar's twin) But when everything seems to be set on track Samar will misunderstand a few things and there will be a drastic change.

The Scarlet Bride,TriciaJean

The Scarlet Bride



Elise Skylar lives in a city where money does the talking and the richest people walk like they own the place. She aspires to be an actress, to be known for her talents. However, all her dreams seemed to slowly disappear. Everything is getting out of hand when an audition she participated in went wrong. Was it even an audition? Son of a famous business tycoon, Aiden Salvador is the C.E.O. of one of the biggest companies in Devont City. He has it all yet there seems to be something missing in his life. His cool, calm world suddenly caught fire when a certain audition occurred in the search of his wife took place. Watch and get tangled with the story of Elise and Aiden as they fight, tell and accept each other's differences. Will they rise from the burnt ashes together as husband and wife? Or will everything just burn down leaving nothing? Is there anyone to blame? Will they separate in the end or will they try to get along?

Carrying the Mafia Lord's Son (Tagalog),wolhwa

Carrying the Mafia Lord's Son (Tagalog)



(Tagalog) Alziyena is a victim of one night stand, with a guy that claimed she was his own. Much to her surprise and her family's disappointment, she was now carrying the result of enjoying a night of pleasure. Receiving a sudden proposal, experiencing bullets twice, and now this mysterious guy Mafia Lord? Can she even survive carrying the Mafia Lord's Son?

Uncharted Territory,Fern

Uncharted Territory



Myth is a human mother of two girls aged 6 and three boys aged 16. She has never known love until having her children both products of fleeding relationship with selfish men. Myth's life has never been easy however she was determined to give her children the best she could. She worked three jobs to be able to afford their living expenses, even though they didn't have much their family was happy. She thought she was complete until she saw him and everything changed... Her world turned upside down as she fights her uncontrollable desire. She and her children forced to rediscover themselves. Everything they knew of themselves and their world was wrong. How will Myth handle these events? Will she surrender to desire? Will she be able to protect her children from the world they are being thrown into?

My Identity,Aruvi Reddy

My Identity



After a deadly attack on her and being in coma for three days, Aadhya woke up with a dream of that attack only to realize that she'd lost her memory. She remembered her name, but craved to know about her identity Then, a closely familiar and devilishly charming Veer Mehrotra entered in and told her that she's his fiancée. Aadhya decided to play along simply because she had no other option and she seemed to be drawn towards him and his familiar tender and caring touch. But he was acting secretive and lying a lot, only to keep her safe. Soon, she finds few not so good things about her current life, which he tried to cover up. When she regains her memory and gets her back her identity, she understands that just a name, IDs and certificates doesn't means her identity, but what she creates. That the papers could be forged but she herself can't be. So, trying to put back her life as an assassin and aiming to fulfill her dreams, create her identity, she asks his support, which he readily agrees. But, what will happen, when he'll reveal an only secret of his to Aadhya, which can change her views about him? Will she stay with her love as Veer did? Will she able to find her adoptee's murderer, because of which she became an assassin, killing only who deserved it? Will her journey to create a new identity be easy when sins of her old identity will be coming back for her?

My Adoring Husband, Mr. Devonte ,Viola Fleur

My Adoring Husband, Mr. Devonte



"You have to marry him and in exchange Mr. Devonte will help you to get rid of the criminal charge from your uncle.." Assistant Sheng said with his firm tone.. Genevieve watched the lavish wearing tenacious man in front of her.. She fell in confusion.. "Marry?" He nodded his head.. "Yes, You have to marry Younger Devonte if you want to get out your uncle from prison with the proof of his innocence.." ******************************************* Genevieve Brancacio, a twenty one year old, kind hearted average orphan girl.. Who has lots of hardships in life.. And the biggest one is her foster uncle's going in jail getting schemed by his enemy.. They tried their best to get him out of jail, taking her out almost on the street.. When both of them lost their hopes, suddenly some Mr. Devonte appeared in their life.. He would safe them but on a condition.. Genevieve has to marry his Grandson.. No other wants, just to marry.. Genevieve never wanted to get married like this.. Yet, she did not have any other choice and for the sake of her uncle and her ownself she agreed to marry the man whom she never have seen ever.. When she finally met him at the wedding night, she got a thousand volt shock! The man is none other than the director of Reywalt Corporation Ltd.!! America's most eligible and wanted bachelor!! Rumor says that he is the epitome of Ruthlessness who loathes woman.. And lost his manly ability throughout a deadly accident!!!

A Messed Up Fairytale,BubbleGum

A Messed Up Fairytale



Syrus leaves his palace only because of his marriage. The queen forced him to marry a girl he never liked. After an year, at his marriage anniversary he returns with a mistress named Annabelle, making everybody furious except for his wife Myrtle who is supporting his action. Syrus is suspicious of her actions and warns her to not harm Annabelle. And surprisingly she doesn’t hurt her rather then that she protects her from those who mistreats her, Syrus gets uncomfortable because of her actions and starts to keep an eye on her actions and he soon realise that Myrtle is not what she looks like and that she has huge plans up her sleeve. Will Myrtle break them apart? Or will she win Syrus’s heart without even trying? Above all what is Myrtle’s real goal? Read the story to get the answers…

Short Muses Vol 2,Shivering water

Short Muses Vol 2

Short stories


Short stories of blending lives with mingling singles. Living in every dark corner of the city where no one is there to watch or to witness but needs to be happened and always will do. No one can stop or hold those moments where passed nor anyone can see the fourth coming but can endure to withhold the upcoming shores of love, lust, innocence, mysterious misfortunes or exceptional redemptions.

Business Wife,Annehyeong

Business Wife



Everyone wants to be me. Who wouldn't? I've got the looks, sexy body, money and Andrew Maru Ottave, my husband. But if they will only knew who I really am and what's happening in my life, I doubt that they want to be in my place. Since I was a child, I don't have a right to choose the person I want to be with, because my parents already arranged it for me. Its not actually a new thing with the elite. Because even my parents is a product of an arrange marriage. They marry for business and have a child for business. And just like my mom I will just also be a business wife.