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Unexpectedly Yours: Falling For My Billionaire Groom

Unexpectedly Yours: Falling For My Billionaire Groom

Author: Blue Horizon
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Chapter 1 Quick Nuptials

Word Count: 1243    |    Released on: 09/05/2024

hed tightly in her hand, Scarlett K

on!" she said to th

to a client quickly. Which way are you going? If

offering her a ride? She assu

taken him to the hospital. And now, she forced him in

turn the favor, he must be appalled by h

ed here. You go ah

d a sense of gentlemanly education. She wo

as grateful he agreed to it, but she didn't

onse. "Alright, I'm off. Apologies for not bein

red him, impressed by Eth

e door, a thought struck him, and he glanced back to see Scarlett riding

left him momen

o fulfill his promise and marry

ving without asking fo

r playing h

ught. If she was being sensi

y her, he intended to fulfill his duty,

than got into his che

ped his car and stepped out, approac

him, "Sir, your grandmother seems to be aware


is morning and looked into it; that's why he f

ouldn't wait to let their grandmother know he

fore Grandma intervenes. I don't want anyone el


ondering for a moment before adding, "Keep hi

ged before suggesting, "Should we arra

gestion. "Yes, do it discreetly. Ensure she remains una

he complexities, arrived at the h

t started earlier th

y, slapped her cheeks, seeping int

ebral surgery department, gazing through the thin glass at her frail g

back, she must

up the marriage certificate against the glass w

ry her, he apologized to her for not being able to go with her on the day of their marriage. "So, don't worry. I'm

forced a smile, remembering Ni

e, Scarlett went for an update on

's aged, plus the shock she endured... It's a miracle she's hanging on. Despite her

k you for your assistance. Please do everything you can to help her. Mone

aised by Nicola, Scarlett coul

st found out from the neighbor that someone appeared at her house, and they

there was a possibility she wouldn't wake up. Regardless of how m

looked at the weak, adaptable, and det

I'll keep y

pital, a blast of icy wind hi

heavy and ready to

ett made her way to her electric scooter

art the scooter, her phone

phone out of her pocket. She was taken abac

e profile photo was of the black night sky

o realize it was Ethan

her a business card and promised to do o

rlett had been prepared for the

ng, she wanted to fulfill Nicola's

n, but all of them had turned her down

she was left with no alter

nge on a social app, he had agreed readil

01, Building 6, Horizon Apartments, Oak Road

whatever you need. I've got a bu

y a notification of a two-

left Scarle

live together like an



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