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Unexpectedly Yours: Falling For My Billionaire Groom

Unexpectedly Yours: Falling For My Billionaire Groom

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Scarlett asked hesitantly, "Mr. Dixon, are you serious about this?" She had expected their marriage to be just a formal agreement, with each of them living their own lives without interference. So, when her newlywed husband mentioned fulfilling their marital duties, it caught her off guard. Just when she was determined to keep her distance, she found herself drawn closer to him. To her amazement, her seemingly average husband was actually the wealthiest man. It also became increasingly difficult for her to conceal that she was a disciple of a renowned designer. Life then began to sweeten in ways she never could have imagined.


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Chapter 1 Quick Nuptials

With the marriage certificate clutched tightly in her hand, Scarlett Knight stepped out of the city hall.

"Thank you, Mr. Dixon!" she said to the man next to her.

Waving his hand, Ethan Dixon said, "I have to get to a client quickly. Which way are you going? If our destinations coincide, I'll drop you there."

Scarlett was surprised. Was he offering her a ride? She assumed he must be repulsed by her.

Three months ago, she had accidentally saved him and taken him to the hospital. And now, she forced him into a marriage with her because of that twist of fate.

Despite having told her that he would return the favor, he must be appalled by her for forcing him to marry a stranger.

"Thanks, but I biked here. You go ahead with your work."

Most likely, he said it out of civility and a sense of gentlemanly education. She wouldn't be so smart if she got into his car.

It was merely a contractual marriage. She was grateful he agreed to it, but she didn't expect him to act like a typical husband.

Checking his watch, Ethan acknowledged her response. "Alright, I'm off. Apologies for not being able to spend our first married day together."

"I'm good," Scarlett assured him, impressed by Ethan's gentlemanly demeanor.

Ethan nodded, then hurried off to his car parked nearby. As he opened the door, a thought struck him, and he glanced back to see Scarlett riding her electric scooter in the opposite direction with her down jacket on.

Her departure left him momentarily stunned.

He had assumed she wanted him to fulfill his promise and marry her for some ulterior motive.

Yet, here she was, leaving without asking for anything in return.

Was that her playing hard to get?

Ethan pursed his lips in thought. If she was being sensible, he would leave her be.

But since he had made a promise to marry her, he intended to fulfill his duty, while keeping his true identity hidden.

Shifting his focus, Ethan got into his cheap car and drove away.

At the next intersection, Ethan stopped his car and stepped out, approaching a black Maybach parked nearby.

When he opened the door, the driver informed him, "Sir, your grandmother seems to be aware of what happened between you and Ms. Knight."

"What happened?"

"Trey noticed your absence from the company this morning and looked into it; that's why he found out. Then, he informed your grandmother."

Ethan sneered. His half-brother, Trey Dixon, couldn't wait to let their grandmother know he had married a woman from a humble background.

"Ensure all traces related to her are erased before Grandma intervenes. I don't want anyone else to know about our marriage," he instructed.

"Understood, sir."

Ethan tapped his fingers on the car window, pondering for a moment before adding, "Keep him occupied. I don't want him getting too idle."

"Of course, sir." The driver acknowledged before suggesting, "Should we arrange for some protection for Ms. Knight?"

Ethan's demeanor turned cold as he contemplated the suggestion. "Yes, do it discreetly. Ensure she remains unaware of my identity to prevent any misguided intentions."

Meanwhile, Scarlett, unaware of the complexities, arrived at the hospital on her electric scooter.

The winter in Pradset started earlier than in other places.

The cold wind, laced with sea spray, slapped her cheeks, seeping into her bones and numbing her heart.

Wrapped in her down jacket, Scarlett paused outside the ICU of the cerebral surgery department, gazing through the thin glass at her frail grandmother lying amidst a tangle of tubes. Her eyes welled with tears.

Blinking them back, she mustered a smile.

"Grandma, I got married," she whispered, holding up the marriage certificate against the glass window for her grandmother, Nicola Knight, to see.

"He's a tall, strong, and attractive guy. And he acts in a gentlemanly manner." Even after she compelled him to marry her, he apologized to her for not being able to go with her on the day of their marriage. "So, don't worry. I'm alright. You must also get well. Even if it's for me, please hold on. You're my only family. Don't leave me alone."

Tears welled up, but Scarlett forced a smile, remembering Nicola's fondness for her smiles.

After talking to Nicola for a while, Scarlett went for an update on Nicola's condition from the doctor.

The young but seasoned physician, Cody Campbell, adjusted his glasses. "Your grandma's aged, plus the shock she endured... It's a miracle she's hanging on. Despite her situation becoming more stable, her ability to wake up still depends on her own will."

Scarlett squeezed her palm with her nails and nodded at the doctor. "Thank you for your assistance. Please do everything you can to help her. Money is not an issue if it means she can wake up. And please keep me posted."

Being an orphan taken in and raised by Nicola, Scarlett couldn't fathom life without her.

She was unaware of Nicola's circumstances on the day she passed out. She just found out from the neighbor that someone appeared at her house, and they got into a heated argument. Nicola passed out after the other person left.

Cody was going to tell her that the patient was elderly and that there was a possibility she wouldn't wake up. Regardless of how much money was spent on medicine, it would most likely be in vain.

However, he swallowed the words as he looked at the weak, adaptable, and determined girl standing in front of him.

"Sure thing. I'll keep you updated."

As she stepped out of the hospital, a blast of icy wind hit her face, making her shiver.

The sky above looked heavy and ready to burst at any moment.

Brushing the chill off her cheeks, Scarlett made her way to her electric scooter. It seemed it was going to snow heavily.

Just as she was about to start the scooter, her phone rang, breaking the silence.

Scarlett removed her gloves and pulled her phone out of her pocket. She was taken aback at seeing the person who had messaged her.

The moniker "E" was unknown to her, and the profile photo was of the black night sky. There was nothing else to know about it.

It took her a moment to realize it was Ethan, her newlywed husband!

Back when she had saved him, he had given her a business card and promised to do one thing for her without any conditions.

After Nicola had passed out, Scarlett had been prepared for the worst as the doctor had advised.

She thought that if Nicola was dying, she wanted to fulfill Nicola's last wish—to see her get married.

She had asked several guys before Ethan, but all of them had turned her down upon hearing about Nicola's condition.

After many failed attempts, she was left with no alternative but to go to Ethan.

Ethan was different. After a simple exchange on a social app, he had agreed readily, leading to their unexpected marriage.

Ethan's message read, "My address is Room 1601, Building 6, Horizon Apartments, Oak Road. If you're free today, you can move in now."

Then came another message. "Get whatever you need. I've got a busy day ahead and might be late."

The message was followed by a notification of a two-thousand-dollar transfer.

The messages left Scarlett puzzled.

Was he suggesting they live together like any normal couple would?

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