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Chapter 4 Stay With Me

Word Count: 1747    |    Released on: 16/10/2023

aegan's slender fingers graspin


... I don't like hospitals. There's

e that she couldn't look him in the eye. Now

oftly, "I have already taken some medici

perspective, he could only s

ook as she kept her eyes lowered. Perhaps the fever ma

rt melted aga

and opened the door of the apartment. He

ust now that she got all sweaty. Even her hair was wet. All

u can leave now." She was

. After all, he had been used to

t move an inch. He just took off his

f to death. She widened her eyes and shouted, "What are y

d to sleep with her now that she was sick. Did his

d stared at her

art was bea

and being stare

m others she had ever seen.

d see through every pi

e insides of her lips, she fanned herself

now wasn't the time

ivorce. What was the point of having sex

ression was somber as he continued to star

on the bed, leaned over, and whispered

with lust, contradicti

ace before grinning mischievous

g cheeks. It was all Mitchel's fault. He a

t of the bathroom. He turned to look at

so considerate? Raegan

l sticky now, so she wanted to get

diately made her head spin. She leaned

st in time and picked her up. He t

faster. She was so nervous that s

thtub gently. He then sat on the edge

y like he had done th

hed her skin, making her

d uncontrollably. She then said shyl

tudying her nervous expression. "It'

at this time. She coul

it a point of duty to take her to th

chel and the bathtub, Raegan coul

p in her mind. After taking a deep breath, she s

ous, Mitchel raised his

bathroom was soo

n felt much better. She walked out wearing only a bath

ed the quilt to lie on the bed, Mitchel grabbed

y do you want to go to

towel around her head, picked up

ection in the mirror. She noticed that his hair was

afting into her nose, mak

e was afraid of falling for him even more.

looked at his face through the

g behind her. Their bodi

reflection in the mirror. The corners of his eyes slan

nt in the wrong direction at this moment. She

is way whenever he did something fo

age was abo

r eyes became misty and her nose became pink

her chin and warned angrily, "Never loo

itted in confusion.

"There are many animals out there. Ma

ding how any man could act impulsive

ed that he was moving closer. When an alarm bell r

s and pressed her against the was

Raegan thought he was going to kiss her. Her heart wa

y. He just kissed her forehead as i

eks and said in a hoarse voic

ded so

made her sho

a non

s with annoyance and

breath away? How could she forget her de

phone rang, bringing

tly to make r

el answered the phone a

while before hanging up and

had already wrapped

to leave, but she di

you," she said before

el picked up his coat, walked to the door, an

oor lock that Raegan inched her

her heart at this time.

uren was the only wom

ance against that

change anything

tore up the pregnancy tes

he hadn't told him ab

news would have only ear

t overlooked the beautiful night sky. The moonlight accentuate

alled out as she la

e silky nightgown, whic

eep thoughts and turned to h

ered you again," Lauren said guiltily.

oke. It was as if she was reminding

e, Mitchel asked lightly, "You hungry? I can as

soft voice, "Where were you be

y. He took a look at his watch and


tchel's waist from behind and sobbed with g

please. Just fo



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