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Chapter 2 One-sided Love

Word Count: 2062    |    Released on: 16/10/2023

ned the door. It appeare

, turned to him, and no

her greeting, she walked past him and

ous desk. In an expensive suit and match

suit he had on when he left home l

stion and said instead, "Mr. Dixon, this is f

less as he signed the

he handed the document back to her. Lu

Luis turned to Mitchel and said in a hush

ess at the moment. Obviously, he wasn't p

ways been docile and neve

itchel demanded from her in ex

e ele

to hold back her tears. Un

ugh for Mitchel to realize how much sh

out that was ju

ys play second fiddle to La

or halted. Save for her pale face, she

break room, intending to

yees were cha

heard? Lauren

ho is

as well as a world-class designer. Most importantly, she's the only g

Isn't it rumored that there is som

was dating her. And that is no surprise to me. After all, look at her. She's not

f-mockery as she listened to them. It turned

was one

on finally woken up

. Raegan turned around to see Tessa Lloyd, M

lso heard the emp

s argue with Tessa in the company. She tu

d sarcastically, "Lauren is back now. Do you t

id nothin

you are quite good in bed. How about I introduce you t

we are in the company, not a brothel. If you are inte


that she was a pimp. This

d her hand and emptied the c

razy. She held up her arms just to block the hot liquid from her fa

in. "What did you do that fo

free to watch the drama. Tessa was even mor

mug every day, huh? Do you seriously think that others don't

was heard al

ced by a hot sl

d never expected that Raegan, who wa

kly for a while. Then, she stuttered

Yes, I did! It seems you need

was a child. But that didn't mean she wou

Mitchel's cousin, she was used to being fawned over and resp


a raging bull, raising her ha

was coming. She grabbed Tessa's wrist so tight

Tessa struggled like an octopus that had o

e? Who the hell do you think you are? You are nothing but Mitc

ttracted more peopl

's en

rom behind. Mitchel had left his o

e room fe

f Mitchel. She had always been scared of him. He

er, she put on a pitiful expression and sobbe

utside fell on Mitc

nd lowered her head to look at the back o

Mitchel looked at Raegan and said, "Raegan,

an's breathing cease. She

make a sound a

traight there with

the Dixon Group wasn't a place for her to mess around

erstand why he t

hel had heard those hard words Tessa scolded her or he was just

e her as a tool

dispersed. A few employees were bold enough to pee

made Raegan shiver

to suppress her emotions

ployee of the Dixon Group, it w

y. "Humph! Don't think you'll be let off the hoo

. Personally, I refuse to apologize to you.

Mitchel without spari

. You

blue after hearing

had she been so humiliated. She wa

at tearing Raegan into pieces

hat that woman just said? She slapped me in the face, yet she's still s

thin back, had an ambiguous

aid coldly, ra

sa didn't think Mitchel was partial to Raegan just now.

iciously, "Next time, I'll get som

tone and squint m

embled a

only say it once. Forget about what ha

. All the vicious ideas she had in store

d, "Ok... Ok

oke to Matteo. "Irrelevant people wouldn

ed Mitchel. "Nice call. This is a top com

ked over to Tessa. He gestured to the

relevant person Mitchel just mentioned. She tried to speak to him,

o mercy. Her stru

changed when she ret

ess as she thought of how Mitc

our soon

headed for the exit. How

hing urgent to deal with, so

the ride without

but now she could see

yes, she was j

ny her to visit her grandmother wh

e nurse was about to feed her grandmother dinner.

erything changed last month when her routine medical checkup showed that there was somethin

n't aware of her ma

her today. But as it turned out

l asleep before she left. She walked out

uxury car pulled into the

she saw it. She recogniz

me to pic

forgot all the pain

all wrong? Did he care for h

ver's side opened a

toward him with her h

stopped dead i

r to the other side and car

were written all ov

le on Raegan's fac



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