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img img Werewolf img The Alpha's Forbidden Mate
The Alpha's Forbidden Mate

The Alpha's Forbidden Mate

img Werewolf
img 108 Chapters
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Author: A king
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“You are Mine” he muttered coherently. “Yes yes” she stuttered back unsure of what she had said, he had hurt her countless times and broken her yet she didn’t think even for a second about the mistake she was making by giving herself to him. *** Ash, son of the Alpha of Peachmoon pack fell in love with Livey at a tender age and promised to make her his Luna, but when he turned 18, he realized that she wasn’t his mate and was forced to make Gabrielle his true mate as his Luna. Hurt and heartbroken, Livey loses her parents two days after the Luna ceremony and she is made the omega of the pack, battered and maltreated by all the Ranked members. But what happens when she turns 18 and realize that Ash was truly her mate but she had to be given off to a ruthless Alpha who kept her as his mistress. Will you she fight for her love for Ash or will she accept the fact that he had mated with someone else and made her Luna?

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