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img img Romance img That Royal Betrothal
That Royal Betrothal

That Royal Betrothal

img Romance
img 5 Chapters
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Author: R.A Higheels
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"Feisty? I like that," I uttered. I smiled at the thought of her trying to take charge once I bedded her. "Stop ordering me, Zack." she seethed, slamming me back. I spinned her into my arms but she retaliated, spinning me back. This makes us roll continuously till we hit a large tree. "Then quit being difficult," I said. We both groaned at the fierce impact of the tree as I untangled my hands from hers. Standing up, she attempts to kick me but I block it, slamming her against the tree. "Do you have a death wish?" she asked. I raised her hands against the tree and she struggled continually. "Allow me to give you a piggy back ride," I said mockingly and she glared at me. She had stopped struggling but I still made my grip on her firm because she never gave up no matter what. "Over my dead body!" she exclaimed. "Now be a good boy and let me go," she added. "It looks like you don't know this so let me enlighten you-You are trapped in my arms so I'm the one calling shots not you," I declared. ¶¶¶ Zara is an English princess betrothed to Zack, a Spanish prince since childhood. Once they become adults, they are required to marry each other which they both do. However, they notice they are both opposites. Zack is arrogant, dominating and is seen as a lady's man. While Zara who had no idea of how to be a princess, is a tomboy and hardheaded person, ruled by her emotions. She is also kind hearted. But, it takes someone close to her to know it. Could they both find missing pieces to what they actually want? Or will they be swallowed by their prides and villians in the royal household?

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