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img img Romance img Fall in Love With a Billionaire
Fall in Love With a Billionaire

Fall in Love With a Billionaire

img Romance
img 5 Chapters
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Author: R.A Higheels
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"Oh my God! It's Liam James!" someone yelled. From the expensive cologne I smelt, I knew that was definitely Liam. What was he even doing here? I was handling everything just fine. "He came to save his girlfriend, Cinderella." A female paparazzi dreamily said. "That's so romantic." Another added. "Kiss, please." I heard. That brought my eyes to abrupt shock. "Yes, kiss." Another added. "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" They began chanting together. "Kiss, kiss, kiss..." They continued. My eyes drifted to his. I did all my best to signal to him not to do it. Liam immediately placed his soft lips on mine. Oops, seems I was too late! ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ *From Zero to Hero* 20 year old Eleanor Reyes, dreams to be a model. She hates the rich, ever since her father dumped her mother, after she got pregnant for her. Thus, her mother raises her as a pauper. However, she believes that one day, she would make a breakthrough. With the help of her best friend, Chloe, she gets an opportunity to model for a big organization - Pink Moda. She is thrown into the world of the rich even without asking. Liam James is a mysterious CEO billionaire, who is arrogant to everyone. However, this changes after she perks his interest, at workplace. She seems to be the only female who can resist his charms. Even if she can't deny the intense attraction and chemistry between them, she ignores his every attempt to get her. This is because of the bad impression he made, on their first meeting. She makes a bet with her friend, Chloe to never fall for an egoistical bastard like Liam. In the end, will she give in? Not when Liam burns her like a moth to a flame? Or is this another slow burn romance? With past secrets unleashed, and a set back in her modelling career, find out how she fights through it all. . .

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