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Devoted To The Alpha

Devoted To The Alpha

Author: Allison King
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Chapter 1 The New Wolf In Town

Word Count: 1258    |    Released on: 07/06/2024


managed to kill Alpha Max. Alpha Jaxon is taking over the Silver Moon Pack. A monster replaced by a bigger, more brutal monster” Bailey shrieked. Just the thought of his name shot shivers down my spine. It seemed that a surprise attack had happened la

egends told about Alpha Jaxon were enough to give any wolf nightmares for a week. He was known as the most dangerous and ruthless Alpha since the original Alpha hims

d her big brown eyes at me, “Addie, you and I both know that no one in the Silver Moon Pack is going to have a choice but to bare their necks to him or face having their throats ri

usled her dark, wavy curls away from her face and sighed, “I can’t believe that Alpha Jaxon was able to take over the pack in a few, short h

, “Oh, that’s just great. Our new Alpha is also cursed

for all the cruelty and bloodshed he’s caused since becoming Alpha. That’s why he has decided to take a compatible mate instead, her name is Beverly and she’s so fierce that she could make any wo

never deprive any wolf of their mate. She would never deny even the most ruthless of wolves, the chance to be with their

of age; however, some wolves took much longer to find their mates. Finding a wolf’s true mate was the ultimate accomplishment and made their wolves that much stronger. Although rare because of the magnetic pull, a wolf could reject its’ true mate but usually the pain of not completing their sou

ugh the streets as if it was his own personal parade, as wolves fell to one knee in submission to the new Alpha. Dominance poured off of him, I had never felt such a powerful wolf. A red haired beauty stood proud by his side, looping her arm around his large bice

disgust me, I told myself over and over again. She was also my soon-to-be Luna and thoughts of her mate made guilt wash over me. All I could imagine were those eyes looking

d to my knee on the cold concrete under me in submission as the other wolves had done. I couldn’t even hold my eyes to look in his direction, flustered as I was feeling excitement radiate through my wolf. There were gasps from the crowd around me until I felt a large, strong hand grip my chin causing me to gaze

into the most passionate kiss that I had ever seen exchanged. Fuck, he was so tempting and I felt so drawn to him. The da



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