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Devoted To The Alpha

Devoted To The Alpha

179 Chapters
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*18+ only. Contains mature themes* Adeline’s world gets flipped upside down when a neighbouring Alpha takes over her pack. He’s ruthless, rumors being said that he even killed his father for the Alpha position, yet Adeline can’t help but drop to her knees whenever he’s nearby. Convinced that Alpha Jaxon has been cursed by the Moon Goddess to never have a true mate due to his violent history, he takes a compatible mate of choice instead, a woman who's strong enough to help lead the pack, unlike Adeline who looks meek at the first sight. However, Adeline discovers there’s more than lust pulling her to Alpha Jaxon. How will she be able to resist? **** “I’m not sure if that’s how one should greet their Alpha”, he uttered inches away from my lips. I paused for a second in an attempt to compose myself, adrenaline free flowing, as my wolf and I took in the comfort of being so close to him again. “Hmm, that may be true except you aren’t my Alpha yet”, I challenged him back in a seductive tone that came off naturally. Our faces were so close together that the warmth of our breaths was clashing, I so badly wanted him to give in and close the distance between us. “You feel that, don’t you? Your wolf is squealing inside to have me mark you… right… here…”, Jaxon nipped at my neck ever so lightly. I felt as if my legs were about to let out under me at any second. He moved his hand just under my sweater on my back pulling me closer into his hardness while his other hand glided across the side of my face, caressing my jaw softly. Crisp electric sparks shot through my body at his touch, “Shh Adeline, soon I’ll have you completely submitting to me. You’ll be begging your Alpha to stretch that tight, wet pussy and fill it entirely”, lowering his hand and lightly swiping between my legs.

Chapter 1 The New Wolf In Town


Horns blared profusely while fireworks shot off into the night sky, it’s official. We have a new Alpha. I looked over into Bailey’s widened eyes, watching the shock and horror settle over my friend’s face. “You know what this means Adeline? Alpha Jaxon managed to kill Alpha Max. Alpha Jaxon is taking over the Silver Moon Pack. A monster replaced by a bigger, more brutal monster” Bailey shrieked. Just the thought of his name shot shivers down my spine. It seemed that a surprise attack had happened late into the night. Word had gotten to Alpha Max that Alpha Jaxon was hungry for his pack next. Alpha Max ensured the pack’s borders were secured, tripling the amount of warriors. How easily he managed to overtake the pack left much of our pack stunned.

While I had known Alpha Max’s methods may have been considered unorthodox, I was sure that all Alphas were merciless to some degree. Truth be told, the stories and legends told about Alpha Jaxon were enough to give any wolf nightmares for a week. He was known as the most dangerous and ruthless Alpha since the original Alpha himself. He ripped out throats for leisure. He was selfish and spared no one in his path that crossed him, taking over weaker packs to gain himself land, wolves and power.

“Maybe, but he’s never going to be my true alpha, he leads in fear and kills to ensure his title as Alpha. That’s not an Alpha in my eyes”, I proudly exclaimed to Bailey. She rolled her big brown eyes at me, “Addie, you and I both know that no one in the Silver Moon Pack is going to have a choice but to bare their necks to him or face having their throats ripped out”. Baring a wolf’s neck was a move done to give a wolf’s complete submission to another wolf. We would all be expected to bare our throats once the coronation of Alpha began.

Footsteps echoed down the hall until my sister, Leah, walked into the kitchen, pulling a seat right beside us at the kitchen counter. She tousled her dark, wavy curls away from her face and sighed, “I can’t believe that Alpha Jaxon was able to take over the pack in a few, short hours. I know he’s a beast but we have one of the biggest packs in the East. It’s probably why he’s been cursed by the Moon Goddess herself”.

Bailey furrowed her eyebrows and claimed sarcastically, “Oh, that’s just great. Our new Alpha is also cursed. Write that down amongst his great qualities. GREAT!”

Leah let out a slight chuckle and spoke softly, “you guys really haven’t heard? Alpha Jaxon hasn’t been able to find his one true mate because the Moon Goddess doesn’t believe that he deserves one for all the cruelty and bloodshed he’s caused since becoming Alpha. That’s why he has decided to take a compatible mate instead, her name is Beverly and she’s so fierce that she could make any wolf shutter in fear. I don’t doubt that she’s as cold as he is which is what makes her so compatible. The mating ceremony is expected to commence after the coronation for Alpha of Silver Moon Pack”.

I cocked my head at her, caught my breath and simple words were fighting to escape my gasp. “Leah, the Moon Goddess would never deprive any wolf of their mate. She would never deny even the most ruthless of wolves, the chance to be with their true mate. His one true mate probably rejected him; I don’t know who would willingly accept to be mated to such a beast”.

The Moon Goddess blessed each of her wolves with a mate; she unconditionally loved all of her wolves. A mate was the missing piece of a wolf’s soul and nothing could keep mates apart, besides the Moon Goddess herself, which she would never do. A mate could be revealed as a wolf turned 18 years of age; however, some wolves took much longer to find their mates. Finding a wolf’s true mate was the ultimate accomplishment and made their wolves that much stronger. Although rare because of the magnetic pull, a wolf could reject its’ true mate but usually the pain of not completing their soul caused them to die eventually. My 18th birthday was soon approaching in the upcoming days and I so desperately hoped that my mate would find me, it felt so romantic. One wolf made just for me by the divine Moon Goddess herself. It was something that I’ve dreamt about since I was a little girl.

Applause and chanting started to fill up the streets, “Long Live Alpha Jaxon”. Mom and Dad ran down the stairs and prompted us outside. To my surprise, every single wolf belonging to Silver Moon Pack was outside awaiting the arrival of Alpha Jaxon. He walked through the streets as if it was his own personal parade, as wolves fell to one knee in submission to the new Alpha. Dominance poured off of him, I had never felt such a powerful wolf. A red haired beauty stood proud by his side, looping her arm around his large bicep. I figured she was the compatible mate he had chosen. She was nuzzling against his ear, visibly whispering something that made him excited. His eyes began to glow the most beautiful gold colour that I have ever seen as he let out a smirk and looked into her eyes.

At that moment, a pang of jealously swept over me. I couldn’t understand why, he was a notorious beast that I had no interest in being my Alpha. Someone that savage should disgust me, I told myself over and over again. She was also my soon-to-be Luna and thoughts of her mate made guilt wash over me. All I could imagine were those eyes looking into mine with that same glowing gold determination in them. He was wearing a tight white long sleeve shirt, perfectly moulding each and every muscle on his chest and arms.

My heart raced as I imagined having those huge muscles hovering over me as he took me for himself. I clenched my legs together, feeling my wetness sweep down my thigh. In an instant, he dropped his gaze from his mate and his eyes pierced towards me, canines enlarged. I felt my face heat up and immediately dropped to my knee on the cold concrete under me in submission as the other wolves had done. I couldn’t even hold my eyes to look in his direction, flustered as I was feeling excitement radiate through my wolf. There were gasps from the crowd around me until I felt a large, strong hand grip my chin causing me to gaze up into those mischievous glowing gold eyes. My mouth became uncomfortably dry yearning for more of his touch. In that moment, I thought fear would puddle through me, but instead the only puddle was the one between my legs. I couldn’t hold it any longer as a let out a soft moan, quiet enough for only him to hear.

He simply nodded, releasing my chin and walking back towards his mate. He grabbed one hand behind her waist and pulled her into the most passionate kiss that I had ever seen exchanged. Fuck, he was so tempting and I felt so drawn to him. The dangerous aura that surrounded him attracted my wolf as she whimpered watching our new Alpha smash his lips against his mate.

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