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Addicted To The Genius Lady With A Thousand Faces

Addicted To The Genius Lady With A Thousand Faces

Author: Ocean Blue
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Chapter 1 Unexpected Marriage

Word Count: 954    |    Released on: 04/06/2024

hat hu

e her body, Marissa Nash momenta

om between her legs, she gasped

on the seat and had accidentally sat on it. Its

meaning she would likely be numb for the next six hours.

she removed the thorns and wanted to

a sharp suit entered the flower shop through the glass d

is eyes a mix of disdain, hatred,

did not recognize him and kn

he wasn't here on

the risk of being unmasked. There was also the possibility that a traitor emerged within the organ

ared not act hastily. All she could do

re to buy f

he man s

scooped her up and

im, but her feeble punches felt more l

er outside lef

eet, over a dozen luxurious black Rol

in black surrounded her modest flower

scurried into nearby s

e had come to life, with the mafia bos

s, she couldn't determine which powerf

in broad daylight was in

o a car and then climbed in be

ior was engulfed by his intense, chilli

screetly reached into her pocket for he

azed the device, the man b

Sir, could you at least tell me your na

short as his hand clamped

y resistance might lea

antics! Say another word,

, Marissa quickl

she could only sit and wo

ned next left her c

ght her to t

e was listed next to his on

the car, Mariss

certificate in her hand, finally see

ssing such immense wealth and influence—the current head of

both horrifying

such an extremely presti

m, an assassination attempt or revenge on he

r. Dan


s going on, but Connor cut her off be

and and slid a priceless di

you did before. Don't prov

as left s

grandmother, so how was she

clearly been a misun

ce again gripped tig

Each word he said seemed to ech

marriage? I'm not interested in why you chased me and then ran away, nor do I mind the embarrassment and complications it caused. But my grandma was rushed to the hospital because of this, and we need

d to piece thi

cted the wr

runaway fiancee closely,

Adagend tomorrow to marry her fiance, Der



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