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Playboy's Heartless Love

Playboy's Heartless Love

Author: Chris.W
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Chapter 1 Prologue

Word Count: 695    |    Released on: 14/05/2024



to me

y of his bullshits , I just wanted to go away but my feet were

sty things about me and I am not denying any of it... I never cared about any of tho

ing over my heart , I hate the fee

nds in both hands and we st

was all a lie...he is fake, his emotions are fake

aw you for the first time... and with time with each and every second I fell even harder for y

h sweetheart... I have my eyes, my heart, my everything onl


kingston... what do you think of yourse

s bullshit, did all your sluts disappear that you want me to be one. " I

up at me w

prouting Iris.. " he yell

e... listen to me carefully I am not gonna be your slut so better find someo

ond p

d joining her hands and Ethan charged angrily at her, holding her hair


g from the deep cut on my leg… his deep and me

our marriage and the first nigh

him now, nothing in the world can hurt me anymore and no

d... I was exhausted, my soul was exhausted after endu

his alcoholic eyes , he kissed my lips harshly and went toward

jection you stoop so low… were you always so proud of your status..?

tration , pain

rying I fell asleep on the cold ha


ned to Ethan and what route will Iris and Ethan's marri



Chapter 1 Prologue Chapter 2 Ethan : Intro Chapter 3 Ethan and his baby sister... Chapter 4 Iris: Intro Chapter 5 Iris's beloved brother.. Chapter 6 Gift.. Chapter 7 First brief encounter.. Chapter 8 New friends..
Chapter 9 Muffins..!
Chapter 10 A sweet stranger..
Chapter 11 Jason and Melody's weird reaction..
Chapter 12 Welcoming mom gone wrong..!
Chapter 13 Frustrated..!!!
Chapter 14 Pastries...!
Chapter 15 Nora Robert...!
Chapter 16 Mask party..
Chapter 17 Sports leader...
Chapter 18 Love at first sight..
Chapter 19 No pastry..!>⁠.⁠<
Chapter 20 All the happiness..
Chapter 21 Porcelain doll..
Chapter 22 Lunch together..
Chapter 23 Worried..
Chapter 24 Scared kitty...!
Chapter 25 Obsession...
Chapter 26 Brother-in...
Chapter 27 Captain..
Chapter 28 Accidental first kiss...
Chapter 29 Pictures...
Chapter 30 A drift...
Chapter 31 Possessive..
Chapter 32 Changed..
Chapter 33 Choked
Chapter 34 Dead meat..
Chapter 35 Competition day -1
Chapter 36 Competition day -2
Chapter 37 You look gorgeous..
Chapter 38 Devil's angel..
Chapter 39 Heart attack
Chapter 40 Grayson's past...
Chapter 41 Alina at Ethan's house...
Chapter 42 Ethan and Alina making out..
Chapter 43 Biggest mistake...
Chapter 44 Mumma's boy..!
Chapter 45 Iris ignoring Ethan..
Chapter 46 Propose her...!
Chapter 47 Alina is pregnant..!
Chapter 48 Alina escaped...
Chapter 49 Rejected him...
Chapter 50 The Èmerveiller cooperation
Chapter 51 Alina's life -1
Chapter 52 Alina's life-2
Chapter 53 Alina's life-3
Chapter 54 Truth...
Chapter 55 Nightmare..!!
Chapter 56 Marriage certificate..
Chapter 57 Drunken mess..
Chapter 58 Wounds...
Chapter 59 My World...
Chapter 60 Press conference..
Chapter 61 Threatening...
Chapter 62 Rebellious...!
Chapter 63 Cold treatment..
Chapter 64 Bras and undies...!
Chapter 65 HOD of fashion department...
Chapter 66 Sam and Clare..
Chapter 67 Possessive..
Chapter 68 Open your legs kitty...!
Chapter 69 Digging holes...!
Chapter 70 Married men..!
Chapter 71 Hubby...
Chapter 72 I want you...
Chapter 73 Pedophile...
Chapter 74 Sexy... Sexier..
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