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Chapter 3 Ethan and his baby sister...

Word Count: 1048    |    Released on: 14/05/2024


ordered a few more drinks for

dude.. " Jake said

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ck home." Grayson said and I stood up but s

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" I heard Esa, my

" I said trying to stan

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sa shouted but I had no en

. I will help

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head in the morning for causing so much trouble f

ver my head in the early morning. i got up frustra

o pain when someone opened

" Esa said and I raised my head u


all the time in the world to waste here... " s

d drinking it and her next words m

ying she is not ab

ou say..!? " I a

s drunk and sleepi

ied and she burst into lau

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" I got up and before I co

nd we reached the

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, why are you troubli

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n london. Dad has progressed his business in America so he s

with them as it was my great grandma's house so my grandparents nev

nly if we were her good saint like childrens... an

up we sat to ha

have until Mom comes and leaves after che

n't worry k

e are being her good childrens or not after every three months… sometimes both Mom and Dad

ersity... If you have any trouble

and moreover I don't want anyone to know about me as the CEO's daughter as they already know about you. I

just con

me... I still remember how u broke my clas

ill you need any help you can ca

her cheeky smile and I

er friends a day before her joining and that day she broke her leg and was resting

care of her and she



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