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Chapter 6 Gift..

Word Count: 766    |    Released on: 14/05/2024


e sat on the bed and I laid on th

re after such a long time and you are cryin

reason (sniff ) then why are you a

der so much work pressure that I d

lder brother but my father and mother too... so just think

on't cry my princess..." he said, r

princess. " he sa

going..?? " I asked, sit

. after dad's death Mom started handling the Harper corporation and wanted Wyatt to join her but he wanted to do so

all... you tell me are you excite

y muc

have a surpr

" I asked with

morrow my princess.. "

" I said, giving him m

hat look... you have to wait for it till

evil.. " I humped

ittle kid.. " he said, p

alking and sharing all the thi

om with my family... of course with Mom and Alina g

long as my broth

eady... it's my first day in my new

h only Wyatt responded with a bright smil

ur surprise...!! " he sai

att...? " Alina as

your wishes and demands so there should be so

u mean..?? "

for Alina, so she can travel with ease...

yatt took my hand and dra

my eyes before it fell out of my orbit...It wa

y little princess.. " he sa

t Wy

and now you are going to such a big university and I don't want anyone to make fun or look

e who taught me driving and now

d Mom looked extremely pissed... Mom came

end on this car for this b*

on Alina.. " he replied cooll

ive safely ok..!! " He wa



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