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Chapter 17 Miss Sinclair
Words Count: 1376    |    Released on:28/11/2022

“What is it, Danika?!” he asked, furious.

“Don’t scold her, Hernan… it was an accident.” Catriona said, with a pitiful face.

“What? You came out of nowhere!” Danika defended herself.

“It is very unfortunate. I had not recognized you before, but you bumped into me twice today…”

“Danika, what have I told you before? Apologize!”

“What? That is not what happened!” Moira said, fuming. “Your girlfriend there was the one being mean and rude! How is it that Danika has to say sorry?” Moira was not one to take shit from nobody.

When Moira said that Catriona was Hernan’s girlfriend, Danika’s heart sank. Of course, that is what it looked like, since he was taking the blond’s side, while Danika, his wife, was being scolded when she was innocent.

“And who the hell are you to mendel in our business?” He asked in an old tone, but Moira did not back away. Normally, Danika wouldn’t stay silent, but she was too stunned with the pain in her heart.

“I am Danika’s friend and even if i was not, I am a person who won’t just sit still when I see injustice!” Moira answered. “And you are being unjust.”

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